Rubina Bakshi

Rubina Bakshi
Rubina Bakshi has been a freelance content writer for over three years now. She has always wanted to pursue a career in the field of writing and also wants to be an author of a book. By far Rubina has provided her content writing services to many start-up firms and evolving bloggers in India, UK and Canada. Besides that she has her personal blog on WordPress and is also running a YouTube channel successfully wherein she creates, edits and compiles the YouTube content. She holds a Customer Relationship Management certification from DynEd International, Inc. which is an English Language Learning program and that has assisted her in her writing career tremendously. Besides that, she holds over 13 years of work experience by working with various organisations as an HR and Benefits Manager, Sales Coordinator, etc. Due to her vast experience in almost every field i.e Banking, Airlines, BPO, Telecommunication, she is multi-faceted and has quick learning skills.
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