If you’re starting an online business, you’ll need a strategy to turn your visitors into paying customers. In today’s marketing world, it’s referred to as conversion. You’re converting your website visitors from prospects into customers, and the conversion rates refer to the number of visitors you convert into buying customers.

So, how do you convince your visitors to purchase a service or product from your business? Well, it boils down to how effective you are when it comes to nurturing the customer journey. This can be easily assessed with a well-conducted audit. In essence, your customers have to trust, like, and know you before they’re willing to part with their money. That’s the reason why creating an effective marketing strategy is crucial to your success.

If you don’t know where to get started, below are some of the ways to convert page visitors into customers:

1. Build A Better Website

If your website design is lacking, you’ll end up losing more users before they enter your customer journey. Your website should be user-based, which means it must be easy to navigate and can be accessed from different parts of the world, especially if you’re targeting a global audience.

To know if your website isn’t restricted in other countries, using VPN may come in handy. You can recommend your potential customers to browse in VPN when using your website for them to navigate your website hassle-free.

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When it comes to website design, avoid overstuffing your pages with too much design and content. More often than not, less is more in an online business. Depending on what website builder you use for design, ensure to develop an interactive website design.

Typically, an interactive website is designed in a way that interests and appeals to your audience. You can consider some features to achieve an interactive website design, including animations, videos, images, customer reviews, external or internal links, and more.

2. Segment Your Audience

Your audience usually comprises visitors who are classified into several categories. Other visitors are customers who return for more engagement with you. Some are first-time potential customers who are casual but more curious about what you’re offering. Then, there are also visitors who are opportunists and only look for discounts and deals.

All visitors hold a level of promise to be loyal customers. It’s up to you to segment the audience into several categories of visitors. With this in mind, you may use the best possible marketing communication to convince all groups of visitors to use your products or services.

3. Level Up Your Landing Page

A landing page is crucial in maximizing your lead conversion rate. That’s why most companies use a graphic design service to create compelling landing pages to gain new leads.

If you want to get results from your landing pages, it should have an attention-grabbing headline. This is vital to achieving success in generating leads since it’s the first thing that your visitors will see on your landing page.

You should also remember that your landing page headline can either repel or attract your visitors. So, you have to pay attention when creating headlines. They must specify your offerings and grab your users’ attention.

4. Provide Engaging and Powerful Content and Design

A compelling and engaging content that reflects your brand experiences and engages your audience can make a difference in converting your page visitors into customers.

Many website owners make content with the purpose to rank and get traffic from the search engines. Even if optimizing website content for all search engines is crucial, you have to bear in mind that writing concise, clear, and strong homepage content with the right messaging that captures your business and the value you provide is what turns your visitors into customers.

5. Create A Blog

Blogs play a big role in marketing. These are another form of direct communication that helps you connect with your potential customers and build trust.

Some of your customers have different questions to be answered. Even as an online business, you can address the pain points and concerns of your customers through a blog. The more value and information you can give to them, the more they’ll rely on you to be a good online retailer. This is why blogging can make a huge difference in your website’s conversion rates.


When blogging, make sure to do it regularly, which can make your business more active, trustworthy, and welcoming. It’s also a good place to showcase some of your best-selling products in action.

6. Use Call-To-Action (CTA) Buttons Strategically

When using CTA buttons, ensure to do it in a strategic way. For instance, if your visitors are on your Pricing Section, the next step is to view the available pricing plans you offer. If your prices aren’t listed on the same page, use a CTA button asking them to view the pricing sheet for free.

You can also take advantage of using smart CTAs. These are designed to recognize the behavior of your visitors and can dynamically change to provide the next logical step to nurture your potential customers down your sales funnel.

7. Take Advantage of Your Email Campaigns

You may always use various email campaigns to turn your website visitors into customers. For those who are searching for discounts and deals, your emails will focus on highlighting the freebies you can provide to them.

On the contrary, if your visitors are interested but need more time to decide, you may schedule your email campaigns accordingly. Sometimes, it takes several emails before they become your paying customers.

For example, if you’re running a home repair business, your emails may include sending out reminders or tips that your prospects might be interested in. Such emails should have a certain level of emotional appeal to convince your prospects to try your offerings.

8. Include Live Chat Features in Your Website

One of the best ways to engage with your website visitors is by using live chat software, which can be beneficial in increasing your conversions. Well-timed chat invitations offer instantaneous and proactive customer support and can turn browsing into sales conversions.

Other than that, personalized live chat enables better customer engagement with messaging that’s directly relevant to the website content out there on the website regarding your offerings.

9. Provide Credible Endorsements or Social Proof

Never underestimate the power of reviews or testimonials. Such add value and credibility to your business. So, if you’ve happy and satisfied customers, encourage them to leave reviews. You can also ask them for testimonials and post them on your homepage or section for testimonials. With this social proof, your page visitors will be more likely to be buying customers.

10. Consider Remarketing

Another strategy that can be effective in converting visitors into customers is remarketing. It involves targeting your customers who have viewed something on your website or showed interest in your items via ads that are relevant, contextual, and could interest them into buying.

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Remarking also offers a way to re-engage leads or customers from your website who might not have made immediate inquiries or purchases.

11. Improve Your Website Speed

Be sure that your website loads quickly and properly. If your page visitors will need to wait for a few seconds for your website to load, don’t expect them to stay. Most consumers who search online are always in a hurry and they don’t have patience on websites that load slowly. What they often do is to find another website that loads quickly. If you don’t want this to happen, do your best to improve your website speed.

Unfortunately, for some business that has many design elements, it can be a challenge to boost website speed. The best solution for this is to know what necessary changes you can make or what alternative design elements you can consider for your website. If you don’t know how to tweak your website speed, it’s wise to rely on professionals for better results.

12. Determine Your Selling Point

Another way to convert your website visitors into customers is to determine your selling point. Know what makes you unique. If you’re like other business owners, you’ve heard about how important elevator pitches are. Generally, elevator pitches are short that you’d get through in an elevator ride. Once you’re selling over the internet, knowing more about an elevator pitch is as essential as in-person.

The idea is less is more. Too much information may cause visitors to tune out. On eCommerce websites, people don’t have the time to scroll through your different website pages. If you know your selling point and the thing that makes you set apart from others, you can effectively and quickly communicate with your customers. It’s something that should come across in your homepage content, store branding, and product descriptions.

13. Never Bombard Your Page Visitors

These days, most people run ad blockers. But, for those who don’t, pop-ups can be a little annoying. If you use popups, ensure that they’re directed to the users in a powerful and unique way. For instance, if you’re offering coupons, instead of using “claim a coupon today”, consider using “free coupons made just for you” as it feels more personal.

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Bottom Line

The above methods are designed to help you convert your page visitors into willing and genuine customers. However, keep in mind that they must be done systematically and properly. Although it can be challenging at first, once you’ve done it successfully, such strategies can bring more sales and revenues to your business.