More households and businesses are starting to switch from using electricity to using solar. Therefore, this change has led to an increase in demand for solar systems. Most enterprises are looking to adapt to solar panels from since it’s affordable and sustainable.

These are the characteristics you need to look for when seeking to engage a solar company.

1. Having an Appropriate License

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The Solar industry has put in place conditions that a company should meet for it to get a license.By putting the rules and regulation, it ensures the protection of the consumer. Also, these regulations maintain standards.

You should check the company’s trading license to confirm if it is legit. The organization that provides accreditation is the Clean energy council (CEC).

The Clean energy council lists the top services for solar installation in Eltham on its website to help consumers. The council further states the different accreditation categories.

The categories include; design, an Install, as well as design and installation option only.

For any off-grid systems, they need a different license from the Clean energy council.

With all this useful information, it’s best to check the website to find the best commercial solar company to meet your needs.

2. The Number of Years of Operation

solar panels

It is best if you settle for a company that has been in operation for around five years. A company that has been operating for a long time should have its physical offices that you can go to make inquiries.

Such a company must have streamlined its operations such that they offer you a warranty for purchasing their solar products.

An excellent solar provider should have qualified employees. The company should visit your site or home and assess your needs and energy load profile before installing it.

If the commercial solar company has been operating for an extended period, then it’s an indication it has been complying with the Clean energy council code of conduct.

These codes include; ensuring CEC accredited designer or installer attends to you, adhering to responsible sales and marketing methods, and offering a full five-year warranty.

3. Has an Online Presence

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In this digital age, any serious business has an online presence. A legit commercial solar company should have a website, Facebook page, Twitter, or even LinkedIn page.

The company can be using these means to communicate with its clients. Through these sites, the organization can also address any issues affecting their customers.

Therefore, a supplier with absolutely no online presence must be a red flag to you.

Through a site like a Facebook page, you can source for customer reviews. You can talk to former customers and ask about the companies’ service before and after installation.

You can also ask if there were any issues with the system and whether the provider addressed them.

Given that solar energy is cheaper and you intend to have installations, you should engage the best solar provider. However, try and avoid a company that pressures you to sign before the government rebates end or even sells systems under the usual market rate. The best commercial solar company is accredited, has been in operation for some time, and has an online presence.


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