Corporate gifts are an effective marketing tool and a comparatively new inclusion in many companies’ marketing strategies. Whether these gifts are targeted toward the company’s employees, clients, stakeholders, or industry influencers, they hold incredible power to boost employee morale, increase customer loyalty and build brand awareness.

The best part about corporate gifts is that while they need to be functional enough to be of value to the recipient, they can also be fully customized taking into account your company’s logo and brand values. If companies do not wish to be burdened with creating the gift boxes themselves, services such as Baskits are essentially experts in curating hand-crafted gift boxes and creating thoughtful corporate arrangements.

For companies hoping to invest in carefully curated corporate gift boxes but not quite sure whether the benefits outweigh the cost, given below are three marketing benefits of corporate gift boxes for businesses.


  1. They help convey appreciation

Regardless of who the gift boxes are intended for, they do a great job of converging your appreciation for the recipient. If meant for your employees, gift boxes help boost their morale and increase their level of engagement at work. If meant for your clients or suppliers, they act as a token of gratitude for their business and services.

Since these are typically delivered on special occasions such as festivals or national holidays, the recipient party feels great thinking about how your company thought of them on this special occasion. Some of the occasions for which your company could send gift boxes would include Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Labor Day, and Canada Day.

  1. They are a cost-effective marketing strategy

While this depends on how lavish you curate your gift boxes to be, corporate gifts are essentially a cost-effective marketing strategy. For small businesses who do not have the budget for expensive advertising campaigns, curating gift boxes featuring some of their bestselling products and asking for a shoutout from Instagram influencers is the cheapest form of marketing with the highest possible return.

While some influencers may charge you for a shoutout, the key here is to make your gift box attractive and appealing, which automatically makes the influencers want to feature you on their story or feed. The value for money here is very high, and your ROI depends on the influencers you target, their following, and the relevance between them and your target audiences.

  1. They help build brand awareness

Carefully planned and thoughtful corporate gift boxes are a great way to ensure that your brand and company are on the receiver’s minds. If your corporate gift basket includes items that are of actual use to the recipient such as a mug, pens, a calendar, a calculator, a nail filer, a mouse pad or absolutely anything is can be of value to them in their everyday lives, they are sure to remember your company every time they use it.

By engaging your target market with something that they use often, you can be sure to build brand awareness for years with just one gift basket. The key here is to include items that are relevant to your industry such as a cosmetics company including a makeup bag, a compact mirror, or a makeup sponge holder in their gift basket.


The above three reasons successfully summarize the marketing benefits associated with companies giving out corporate gift boxes to employees, clients, and customers alike. Everyone loves receiving gifts, and getting a thoughtful and customized gift box from a brand or company one is associated with is truly a humbling feeling. Hence, to be on the right side of your crucial stakeholders, you must engage in corporate gifts and gift-giving.