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A self-storage is an excellent option for businesses and individuals needing additional space to store their belongings. Several types of self-storage options are available, whether you’re decluttering your home, looking for a place to store your vehicle, or needing to keep valuable documents secure. Here’s an overview of the four most common types of self-storage solutions. By the end of this post, you’ll be wondering, is there a storage rental near me?


1 – Business Storage

For businesses needing extra storage space, business storage is the perfect solution. These units come in various sizes and can be used to store essential documents, inventory, equipment, and other materials. Business storage units typically have temperature control features that protect items from extreme weather conditions and humidity levels. They also often feature enhanced security features such as keypad entry systems or 24/7 video surveillance.

2 – Vehicle Storage

If you’re looking for a safe place to keep your car or boat while not in use, vehicle storage is another option. Vehicle storage units come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find one that fits whatever type of vehicle you have. Many facilities also offer climate-controlled units to protect against extreme temperatures and humidity. The best part? You don’t have to worry about your vehicle getting damaged from being left outdoors.

3 – Climate Controlled Storage

Climate-controlled storage units are ideal for storing items sensitive to temperature fluctuations or high humidity, such as furniture, electronics, artwork, books, photos, clothing, antiques, and more. Climate control settings help maintain a consistent temperature year-round so that your stored items remain protected from damage caused by extreme temperatures or fluctuating humidity levels. Also, if you plan on keeping valuable items for an extended period—like during a move—climate-controlled storage is the way to go! ​

4 – Self-storage Units

A self-storage unit at SecureSpace is an increasingly popular way of obtaining extra storage space. It is an excellent alternative to crowding areas with piles of possessions or cluttering up the home or office environment. The units come in various sizes, so it is easy to find one that suits your purpose. Beyond helping people store excess items, a self-storage unit can provide peace of mind when things are stored securely while you are away on holiday or moving house.

They are secure environments, meaning clients know their possessions are kept safe and sound. Most facilities will permit external access as often as necessary, allowing visitors to pick up and drop off possessions at their convenience. By renting out a self-storage unit, residents and business owners alike can declutter any area without having to part with treasured belongings or essential supplies such as office furniture and equipment.  ​  ​       ​


No matter what type of self-storage unit you’re looking for — whether it’s business storage space to hold important documents and equipment; vehicle storage for cars or boats; climate-controlled options; short term or long-term — there are plenty of options available.


It pays to do some research before deciding which type best suits your needs so that your stored items remain safe and secure in transit or their new home. So seize the opportunity to search for “storage near me” for a list of reputable facilities near you. With the right self-storage option, finding extra space doesn’t have to be a hassle.