5 best Platforms for Digital Marketing


When there is a scenario of choosing a good thing VS bad what to pick. Confused? Well, making decisions are difficult and when there are many options and lot of tools to decide what is best for us we get confused.

As technology is changing rapidly with new tools and techniques one after the other has transform every sector on earth. Digital marketers need to decide what tools and platforms are best for them to generate leads, increase ROI and how much people would visit their website.

We need to select those tools and platforms that is the right pick and it can do better than we have expected.


Let’s go to the pool of platforms and tools which are effective in reaching out goals and are good source of aiming the growth of the company.

Table of Contents

Inbound marketing software- HubSpot. 1

Sales force-Exacttarget. 2

Business manages and works on reports-Raventools. 2

SEO campaign report-Webceo. 3

Optimize keywords and improve traffic-Ginzametrics. 3

1.  Inbound marketing software- HubSpot

It is inbound marketing software which can make your life easier as it improves and manage your online marketing strategies.

The Hubspot provide you with blog post, info graphics and videos that can generate leads and be engaging as well. The best dissertation writing service helps you with inbound marketing tactics that are helpful for relationship building with customers and the business itself.

It has the technic to create customers behavior and track down new customers to gain loyalty.

What do you mean by inbound marketing? The inbound marketing make your user experience more valuable it create an environment that can grantee leads and website traffic through a positive impact.

What Hubspot with the help of inbound marketing? It creates engagement through blog post and content that can attract reader’s attentions, bring customers to their websites.

The work do not end just here, they communicate with their customers through tools such as emails, chat and direct mailing services. They made them the loyal customers by being an empathetic advisor and consultant.

2.  Sales force-Exacttarget

It aims to create and improve relationship easier between business and customers. The multi-channel approach it has become easier for brands to interact with different channels.

The experience it provides for brand and customers is a personalised conversation tool. It requires an experience which can guarantee holistic view of customers.

It brings you an automatic way of SMS or emails your customers through timely basis. For example, you as a customer walk to the store you immediately receive a message that what Exacttarget do. They drag their customers to their stores.

The exacttarget has an ability to connect all devices to one integrated platform. The app that you are using or they build for you can be linked for you with in no time.

3.  Business manages and works on reports-Raventools

Raventool is the online marketing platform which uses four levels of online tools SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media and PPC. It helps business manage their reports and work on it.

Specialty to work on reports that can be made automatically with no more efforts needed. You can easily construct reports that are SEO based and are comprised of social and PPC made marketing reports.

Whatever data you need for any digital work the service of Raventools are there for you. You can excess more than 20 connectors. Some of the connectors you can work on are Facebook, Twitter, and search analytics, Google AdWord, GWT and Bing Ads.

The best thing about Raven is that it can fix the problem of SEO rankings. Many companies face problems when their websites goes down automatically the next day they see it.

With the help of Raventool you can detect the errors of where the technical mistake lies between. The site auditor will fix your on page SEO problems within a minute.

4.  SEO campaign report-Webceo

This is the best tool for SEO campaign report. With the help of WebCEO you can optimise your keywords and search your performance and website ranking.

This is the helping hand for SEO team to automate SEO operations that is easier for professionals to have a great teamwork. According to UK dissertation writers companies like to use such tools to help them in the long run. The WebCeo guarantee you with greater marketing reports that can be made easily and with no time wasting.

This Webceo help partnering your b2b business and add value to your business with CMS and be a great helper for white label solutions.

If you want to choose this platform to create your SEO strategy why not visit thw website. The website caters the needs of SEO’s and gives them 14 SEO online tools that can help you generate leads and increase the ROI.

5.  Optimize keywords and improve traffic-Ginzametrics

It is the great to monitor keywords and choose keywords that are suitable for your websites. It can generate ranking and improve traffic driven to your website.

The dashboard provides you with monitoring content, search and social data that can be helpful for recommendation.

It is the best service provider which can create searches and content ROI with the help of content management team. The online dissertations help religiously use this platform for maintaining their content. This made them ranked high according to the point of view of customers as searches increased rapidly through the time.


The companies need to address the important of new tools and platforms that are making your work easier and quicker.

By apply for any tool or platform you desire for your business you can drive most of the traffic to your website and make the customer experience more memorable.

The traditional way of marketing your brand is just the old schools having the active approach to drive campaigns and using the strategies to implement marketing tactic need passion and determination.

Try to be updated with your digital marketing rules and tools to cater the technology advancement and satisfy your customers at larger level.