Starting a business is not easy, especially in this fast-paced technology era, when it’s hard to develop something new on the market. But once you’ve done it, it’s still difficult to maintain it and keep a level of productivity that’s not burdening your employees. That’s why digital tools like purchasing software are becoming more performant to help businesses focus on sales while providing a safe space for your team. Therefore, here are five tools to help you boost your business productivity.


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Project Management software

As you gain experience with your business, you’ll notice the projects become more complex and require planning, assigning, setting deadlines, and tracking the time spent on tasks. Then, you need to make reports and see where improvements are needed and what you can do in that direction. It’s impossible to do all these by yourself without project management software that can help you organize your time so you can focus on what’s more urgent to do. This tool can offer you:
● Customizable projects steps with the ability to create specific tasks for everyone
● Custom fields and filters for task-segmenting
● In-depth data for reports

Most of these software solutions come at affordable pricing for a business, so it’s an excellent investment that will help increase your team’s overall productivity. With so many functions, you’ll be able to forecast your pipeline and make good use of the sale opportunities for the future. Software like Asana, Trello, or Basecamp offers these features.

Health and Safety software

Having a business means taking care of your employees and ensuring a safe working environment, but it’s important to check and improve the company’s safety program management constantly. To keep track of government regulatory compliance and manage all the essential health data, consider EHS software solutions to have all these documents centralised. Having a health and safety program can help you:

● Go paperless in your business and use only digital files
● Store everything in one place and organize it better
● Monitor everything in real-time and remedy issues fast and effectively
● Save money by utilising time more efficiently and reducing labor costs

With the help of EHS software, it’s easier to manage your business and develop a safety culture among your employees. You can use both the mobile app and the web dashboard to keep track of any updates your employees have regarding their data and create personalised inspection forms. You can add as many users as you want while managing the platform.

Communication tools

Handling projects, clients, and employees must be done efficiently and fast. Unfortunately, most of the time, you’ll be the one who needs to do all these tasks, so you need to learn how to communicate. That means optimising your emails and having an app for instant messages. Luckily, many software applications like Zoom, Google Meet, or Slack offer all these functions in one place. But why is it so important to communicate efficiently?

● Because you’ll connect better with your team
● You can collaborate with anyone from anywhere
● You’ll improve the company’s culture through a strong employee engagement

Communication also means having social channels to connect your business with your customers. So, consider implementing discussion forums with questions and answers because employees won’t be able to respond to all clients and offer the best solutions. The feedback you’ll get is important because it shapes your business; therefore, you need a communication system to fulfill everyone’s needs.

Cloud Storage

As a business manager, you need a place to store all the information from all departments. Having a traditional type of storage is not efficient anymore, as it creates clutter and is difficult to organise and use. A modern solution for that is cloud storage, purchased from a third-party vendor that manages the capacity, security, and durability to make your data accessible and secured. It has plenty of benefits, like:

● Backing up your data, so you’ll never lose any files, as there are multiple versions stored on the cloud
● Remotely updating and syncing your documents so there’s no need to upload or download anything to access it manually
● Sharing files easily with anyone through a link
● Keeping your data encrypted to ensure safety

It’s known that clutter in business offices decreases employees’ productivity. Still, you can prevent that by digitising your business, recycling paper, and cleaning up your working space. Avoiding endless paper documents can significantly change the way you’re working, hence choosing online software solutions. Cloud storage also provides scalability services to offer growth opportunities for your business. Scaling your data requires planning, funding, and the right systems and technology, which can be met through cloud storage, like OneDrive.

Antivirus software

Businesses are the most affected by data breaches, web-based attacks, and phishing. It’s important to protect your data; otherwise, you’re at risk of losing money and your customers’ confidence in your stability. Purchasing antivirus software can help you avoid these attacks. Such a program can also provide:

● Preventing any infections from USB devices
● Monitoring and updating all your computers automatically
● A shield against malicious links or email attachments in real-time

Other things you could do to ensure safety is to create security policies and practices among your employees, meaning that you must provide training for them to know how to avoid these situations and prevent them.

Antivirus software has plenty of benefits, like reducing IT costs, password protection, and blocking spam and ads. Any viruses can slow down your computers or cause crashes that interfere with task performance, which means more time spent solving the problem than finalizing the assignments. When it comes to costs, depending on the size of your business, you can either have a free-plan software or purchase a premium program for more features. Bitdefender and McAfee are known for providing great solutions for companies.

In conclusion, you need to implement smart tools in order to increase your business productivity by making it secure, accessible, and manageable. Don’t forget to stick to your short-term objectives and constantly adapt to adjust your company’s relevancy according to trends and new technologies.