Are you thinking about buying a commercial building? Wondering what you should ask your building inspector?

If you’re thinking about investing in a commercial building of any kind, it’s crucial that you get it checked out properly first. Having a building inspected before buying will help save you from headaches and help you rest assured you’re getting a property that’s right for your needs, and that doesn’t have any glaring issues.

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If you’re thinking about hiring a building inspector, be sure that you ask them these questions first.

1. What Credentials Do You Have?

The first thing you should ask a building inspector about when hiring them is what their credentials are. Building inspectors will typically have professional certifications and plenty of experience that shows that they know what they’re doing and that their advice and recommendations hold weight.

Make sure you ask the building inspector what qualifies them to perform Landmark inspections before you hire them.

2. What Will You Check During an Inspection?

When you use the services of a building inspector, you need to be sure you know exactly what you’re getting when you hire them.

Make sure you know which parts of the property they’ll be examining and ensure that they’ll cover all of the most important areas. You may want to ask if they’ll be checking the roof or electrical and plumbing fixtures and whether they’ll be checking for safety concerns.

You should also find out if you can expect a full pest and building inspection in which they’ll be checking your home for termites and pests as well.

3. Do You Carry Insurance?

You should also ask a building inspector what kind of insurance they have as well. Ideally, they should have insurance that provides coverage in the rare event that the inspector misses something important that would have otherwise discouraged you from making a purchase.

An inspector who is carrying insurance will help give you peace of mind and will ensure that you’re protected in case any building issues are overlooked.

4. What Reporting Can Be Expected?

If you’re hiring a building inspector, you also need to make sure you know exactly what to expect after they have done their job. Be sure you know what kind of reporting features they’ll offer and when you’ll get any reports or documentation that is made regarding the property.

It should typically only take a few days to get a full report, so if it takes any longer than this, you may want to choose a different inspector instead.

5. Should I Be Present?

When getting a building inspected, you should also make sure you know exactly what is expected from you during the process.

Being present during the building inspection can be helpful as they’ll be able to point out any flaws or points of interest that they see, and you’ll get the opportunity to ask questions. On the other hand, not being there during the inspection can be fine as well as an inspector will usually provide plenty of pictures and documentation.

Either way, be sure you know what your options are and what to expect beforehand.

Finding the Perfect Building Inspector

While buying a commercial building comes with its benefits, you need to make sure you don’t fall into any traps and that you know what you’re getting into. If you’re thinking about hiring a building inspector, you should make sure that you ask them these questions first to ensure that they’ll meet your needs.

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