So, you are on board with Facebook hashtags. Well, one thing you need to master is to find the perfect hashtags for your post. But, there is one common question on everyone’s mind, “How to choose a hashtag for the Facebook post to get Facebook page likes?”

If it is on yours too, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we are going to tell you five easy ways to make the best use of Facebook hashtags. Let’s get started!

Use Only A Handful Of Hashtags Per Post

According to the statistics, brands shouldn’t overuse hashtags in Facebook posts. The content with fewer hashtags get more interactions and tend to perform better as compared to the posts with a load of hashtags.

Facebook posts with fewer hashtags not only provide higher interaction rates but also let you analyze what’s working. If you stuff your post with ten phrases, it would be difficult to know which hashtags are driving more engagement.

So, the first tip is to stick to a few hashtags (no more than 4 or 5) in each of your posts. It will make your content look less overcrowded and help you see how a particular hashtag is working.

Use Hashtags Relevant To Your Posts

While it is crucial to limit the number of hashtags you are using, paying attention to their relevancy is equally essential. They should be relevant to the content you are sharing. If you use the most popular, best Facebook hashtags that have nothing to do with your post, they will not do any good.


For example, take the popular hashtag #ThrowbackFriday. If your post is about the best digital marketing agency, it won’t work for the people searching for the hashtag. They are searching for throwback videos, photos, or stories, not the links to hire a digital marketing service.

Thus, if you want to boost the reach of your post and increase Facebook page likes, use relevant hashtags only. This way, your profile will be seen as a reliable one.

Try To Use Hashtags In Sentences

One thing that irritates the Facebook users is the same word or hashtag used again and again in the content. It looks silly! For example-

“Have a look at some best tips on B2B Marketing. #B2BMarketing”

An alternative way to make the text simple, easy, and clear to read is, “Have a look at some best tips on #B2BMarketing.” Did you notice the difference between the two?

If you use a hashtag in a sentence, it looks natural and more appealing. There is no need to write the phrase again, as you have already mentioned it in the sentence.

Don’t Use Space Between The Words In A Hashtag

When it comes to Facebook hashtags, many people use spaces to separate the words in the phrase. However, it is something that keeps your post from appearing in the search results and prevents you from getting Facebook likes, Facebook comments, or views.

Suppose you use the hashtag #Digital Marketing. Since only the first word in the phrase counts as a hashtag, your post won’t find a chance to appear in the results if a person searches for #DigitalMarketing. Your posts will be shown in the results for #Digital.

Besides, the punctuation signs or @ symbols break up the hashtag, and only the first part of the text will be linked. But, it isn’t what you intended to link with. So, refrain from using spaces or symbols in your hashtag.

Check The Privacy Settings

Using a hashtag doesn’t make any sense if the people searching for it couldn’t find it. You won’t be able to buy Facebook page likes if your page’s settings don’t make it possible for the people to view the content you are sharing.


Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that you are not limiting your post’s reach. Make your posts ‘public.’ By doing so, you make it easy for the people who don’t follow your profile to view the hashtagged content they are searching for.


These are some of the quick and easy ways to get the best out of hashtags on Facebook. These handfuls of tips won’t let your hard work get wasted!