A blogging website is a little different from the routine websites because of its nature. While other websites are used for services, hiring, buying or selling, blogging websites are meant for reading and writing purposes.

It should have the theme and a layout that invites readers to find more about you or read your blogs. When you create a website from a blogging perspective, know that blogs are personal opinions that you give on a certain topic. Following this, your blogging website should also have a personal touch to engage the readers.

Apart from it, here are the top 5 tips to keep in mind while creating a website for your blogs.

1. Choose WordPress

WordPress is the best platform for bloggers because of the easy to access features and CMS. It allows you to edit, update and delete the content without any technical help which means you can start blogging without any guidance. It allows you to add images, themes and plugins of your choice. So, no matter how much personalization you want, WordPress can be the best choice for a website. If you want to make sure of it yourself, check out this extensive WordPress review.

And the best part is that the basic version of WordPress is free so you can avail it without spending the amount. If you’re planning to launch your eCommerce store, then here also WP will be of great help.

2. Choose Content-Friendly Theme

One thing that’s most important for a blogging website is a content. People come to your website to read and take information or to know what you’re saying about. If you choose a theme that’s design-friendly instead of content-friendliness, then it won’t be a good choice for your blogs.

Themes that empowered content to make blogs easy to read are the best to take. Now, it doesn’t mean that you focus only on the content-friendly themes, you need to ensure that it allows you to add images also. You can also consult a web design agency to take suggestions on the theme you want for your blogging website.

3. Responsive Website

People read blogs on the go while eating, lying or even working. So, they can check your website from any device. Knowing that you must keep your website responsive because if your website isn’t optimized for mobile, people can leave your website. That is why almost all UI development companies focus on this aspect more.

Therefore, when you’re choosing a theme for your website, ensure that it’s responsive, mobile-friendly and easy to fetch on mobiles. If you’re new to blogging then this tip should be considered on top. Branding can also become easy with a responsive website as your website will be available on the go.

4. Social Media Plugins

When people read your blogs and they like it, they would like to share it with everyone in their contact list. Part of their contacts will be on Facebook, part of them will be on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter or even on Whatsapp. If your blogging website doesn’t have the social media plugins then it would become difficult to share your content and make it viral.

So, for a blogging website, it’s necessary that you use social media plugins to make content reachable to your audience. The social icons after every blog also encourage users to share your content easily.

5. User-Friendly Website

When you’re creating a blogging website, you shouldn’t make it so difficult and fancy that the audience feels distracted. On the home-page highlight your most-loved blogs while in the inner pages, mention your other blogs. Regardless of how the spaces you use on your website, make sure that users can find the content easily.

wordpress website

For example, the search bar on the homepage makes it easy to search for a variety of topics. The categories also help users to find the relevant content. For example, if the user wants to search content on mobile app development then he can easily find it through the search bar. All the features of the website should be so easy that readers can easily fetch it and come to your website for more information.

Final Thoughts

If you want to start blogging with a website then the tips above will be of great help. It’s not only beneficial for new bloggers but also the companies that offer content marketing services to the clients.