Have you made long-term investments for your retirement? While there are several options for Australians, one of the most practical ones is self-managed super funds (SMSFs). The Australian government created this category of retirement funds over two decades ago in October 1999. Today you can find professional SMSF services to help you make the best decisions when preparing for your retirement years. Here are some top benefits of such services:

Pooling Resources

A big plus of SMSFs is you can pool resources with a maximum of three other Super Fund members. This larger pool provides new investment opportunities that perhaps were unavailable from your individual SMSF.

Another benefit is you can create a bigger fund balance. That boosts the Super Fund’s assets and any investment opportunities. Besides that, you’ll just have to pay a single set of fees. This is another way you can save money since investment fees can add up quickly.

Investment Options

An SMSF gives you the ability to invest by borrowing from your fund. It is also possible for small businesses to borrow from the equity in their business property. This provides various benefits, such as succession planning and asset protection.

Tips for Growing Your Business

When you secure an SMSF, a trustee can help you pick from various investment options. Some choices include:

Cash Accounts (long-term)
● Income Investments
● Direct Shares
● International Markets
● Term Deposits
● Direct Property


A trustee can help to determine the best options to create a customized SMSF. This can help  maximize returns so you can live a comfortable retirement.


The actual cost of running SMSFs is based on various investments and all costs connected to professional services you secure and investments made. Meanwhile, the Super Fund becomes more cost-effective as it grows. It is one of the key reasons to consider an SMSF as early as possible so you can start enjoying such savings as soon as possible.

Property Value

You can boost your property value by combining your property and SMSF. It usually involves the fund acquiring a rental property (residential or commercial). The property is then leased to tenants. It is mandatory that the tenants be non-relatives due to the “in-house assets test.”

Super Fund Compliance

As a broker, you’re fully responsible for any investments you make. This includes making sure they comply with taxation laws and superannuation laws. A broker can provide some basic guidelines for different investments. He or she can also provide you with any possible risks related to SMSFs. That, in turn, can help you to know the benefits, features, and risks involved. Such knowledge can allow you to optimize your SMSF.

Tax Strategies

You can benefit from concessional tax rates from SMSFs like other super funds. During the accumulation phase, investment income taxes get capped at 15%. Afterwards, there’s no tax payable during the pension phase.

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Well-planned tax strategies are critical for various reasons. While you transition into retirement, they can help to grow your super savings and lower tax payments. These are both plusses for your business.

Increased Flexibility

This is closely related to the types of investments you can make for your SMSF. For example, you can create a mixture of pension and accumulation accounts. This allows you to tweak the investment mix as a response to Super Fund rules, market conditions, and personal situations.


If you are looking for long-term retirement investments, then you should certainly consider hiring SMSF services. They can provide you with all critical information related to issues like SMSF investment, taxes, and compliance. You’ll be prepared to join the ranks of Australia’s seniors regardless of your current age bracket!