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A Guide to Choose the Right Certified Translation Services Online

Hiring a translation agency can be a cumbersome task given that there are so many out there. So, how to pick a right agency like Offshoreally which provides excellent and professional translation services? This guide will help you choose the right agency for certified translation services online.

Ask for Samples

Asking the agency to send in a few samples of their past work is the best way to find if the agency suits your requirements. You may need the translation services for any number of documents or text. It could be a technical product description or a simple user manual.

Make Sure That the Translators Are Certified

Many agencies end up hiring uncertified translators to manage the workload at much cheaper rates. This may affect the quality of service you receive. Therefore, it is best to make sure that you hire certified language translation agencies. It will be an added benefit if they have a degree in translation studies.

Put Quality before Cost

Hiring certified translation services online may be slightly expensive, but it will ensure that you get the best quality services. Click here to know more. You should look at translators who can the hit 100% accuracy marks. Many legal documents require precise translation to make sure that their essence is not lost in translation.

Another way of ensuring that the quality of work is not compromised is to check what kind of quality measures the agency has in place. Do they have editors checking the work of translators and revising it when required? Are they able to convey the tone of the original document in the translated one? Do they appoint CIT Immigration Interpreters to make sure everything is in place?

Check for Availability of Specialized Translators

Several agencies offer translation services in specialized fields such as IT, finance, medical, and marketing. If your company specializes in a particular product or service, then it makes sense to hire expert translators in the relevant field.

Not Giving the Translator Enough Information

In many cases, the translators need to be provided with some background information about the formality, tone, style, and target audience. Also, if you have images to go along with the text, it is best to share the images with the translators to provide them with relevant context. A good quality translator will request for such background information. If you have the translator asking questions about the tone, style, formality, target audience, and context, then you are in safe hands.


With strict and uncompromising copyright and intellectual property laws, it is very important to ensure that your translation service provider maintains the highest levels of confidentiality. To be on the safe side, sign a confidentiality agreement with the agency to protect yourself from copyright and intellectual property issues.

Speed of Delivery

Sometimes you may need documents translated within a limited amount of time. If it is a regular feature, then it makes sense to go with a firm that offers a quick turnaround and 24-hour services. Many online translation services have translators from multiple locations around the world. This lets them provide you with services any time of day or night.

Being Organized Is Essential

When you provide documents for translation, organizing them is essential. When the documents are organized, they are coherent and make sense to the translator as well. Poor quality inputs result in poor quality output. So, follow these steps before sending a document for translation.

Check Your Document – The original document must meet the context criteria that you expect from the translated document. You have to remember that the translators will only translate what you send.

Send The Final Version – Make sure that the document you send is the final version. If you send multiple versions of the same document, it may lead to confusion and will also cost you more.

Be Ready To Answer Questions – Once you send a document for translation, you can expect to receive questions from the translator. So, be prepared to answer all questions to ensure a speedy and smooth translation process.

Provide All Documents in Editable Forms

Providing all documents in word or such editable forms will make the task of the translator much easier and quicker. Also, this will cost you much less than if you send in a PDF file, which needs to be extracted and then worked upon.

Hiring a translation agency can be tedious. You will know it if you have used one before. Make sure that you don’t go wrong in selecting the translating agency. Follow the above tips to hire the services of an agency that has a high rate of accuracy and also provide quality translation services.

Not going with the right agency can be costly as not only does it miss the context, you may also end up with confidentiality issues. So, pick right and sit tight.