Roll up banners, also known as pull up stands are often used by businesses to advertise their brands during event promotions. They are useful in the sense that they are cheap and incredibly effective in creating brand awareness. These marketing collaterals are low cost and work wonders in educating your prospective customers about your products and services. In some cases, if done the right way, it may even urge them to engage with your brand.

However, many people falsely believe that a Roll Up Banner is only useful in trade shows. But in this article, we will see how we can use them in a variety of ways to expedite your marketing campaigns. Here are some of the most common places where brands install their banners:

  • Where people stand in queues
  • Waiting room
  • Reception area
  • Some businesses may allow you to exhibit your roll up banners in their waiting areas, such as a salon
  • Conference and seminars
  • In-store promotion
  • Promotional material as part of strategic partnership

These are just some of the many common uses of a roll banner. However, there are many more ways to use this banner depending upon your product and marketing strategy. At the same time, one cannot deny the fact that this type of marketing material is a great way to not only promote your products and services at an event but can also have an impact on customers at a store.

Now that you have a fair idea about their usefulness, we should now look into their benefits specifically to small businesses and start-ups. If you are starting a business soon or already own one, then these are some of the reasons why you should integrate these banners into your strategy.

Roll up Banners

They are easy to assemble 

Other banners can be cumbersome and time consuming. The pop up banners, on the other hand, are almost effortless to assemble and install. You can literally do it within minutes, even when you are on the go. So if you have a marketing campaign coming up that requires a low cost marketing solution, albeit an impactful one, then a roll up banner can prove to be highly useful. Ask for your banner provider for optimum quality at affordable rates. Don’t forget to check about turnaround times.

They are easy to carry around 

Unlike other marketing materials that take forever to assemble and transport, these banners are incredibly lightweight and can be transported easily. You can carry them in your car without ay hassle. You can also carry them around in an exhibition hall and choose a new spot everyday for your banners. So if you feel point A generates more impact than point B, then you can simply roll up the banner and place it a point A. It is really as simple as that! Moreover, they are easy to store and do not require a lot of space. You can even reuse them again later.

Does not require a lot of space 

Be it display or storage, roll up banners do not require a lot of room. In fact, for their price, rather impactful on the audience. Therefore, it is one of the best and the most effective forms of advertising for a startup company. You can easily create multiple banners even on a tight budget.

Longer life 

Unlike other forms of expensive advertising, the roll up banners tend to live longer than its counterparts such as TV commercials, print ads, radio ads. You can use these banners multiple times and they literally pay for themselves by helping you expand your business. They don’t cost a lot and the value of money that these banners deliver is much higher than other options.

Highly affordable 

As a startup, we understand that you are already burdened with a lot of expenses. In that situation, roll up banners tend to offer you a low cost solution to your advertising problem. The prices are far less expensive but they can do a lot if you plant them at the right location. The cost of banner ads will only go higher if you include too many ad-ons such as lighting, merchandising etc. But a basic banner is readily available at affordable prices.

Pop up banners or roll up banners are great for small businesses because of limited financing options, specifically for marketing purposes. However, by investing in these banners, you can still make a lot of impact on business and promotional events. Do keep these in mind when you are designing your marketing options. Roll-up banners can offer some real value to struggling businesses looking for low-cost advertising options that provide the right amount of flexibility and impact!