Card payments both online and offline have become one of the most important things in the business today. This process demands payment processing which is supplied by the merchant service provider.

It is designed as the card reader for point of sale transactions, that runs on the app and also on other mobile devices. Alternatively, the processing of credit cards can be gotten through the e-commerce site also.

The market of merchant service providers has become a competitive one while at the same time it offers loads of opportunities along with it. The challenge faced by the consumers is to find the best merchant service provider for them, that not just helps them but also aids in the growth of their business. Let’s take a look at some of the best merchant services for offline and online businesses.



Square has been termed as one of the best-designed service providers in the industry. It attracts small businesses and new ones with the promises of a free mag-stripe reader, no long term contracts, quick setup, no monthly fees, and many more.

It offers its customers a robust feature which includes sending invoices to their customers, card information storage for regular customers, and also a great support system for other e-commerce platforms like Ecwid and Wix. Square presents varied card readers that are capable of handling NFC payments and card chips.

Merchant Services Broker Solutions

Merchant Services Broker Solutions is a modern and finest approach to the payment processing process. It has been labeled as the reliable and finest merchant service provider in the USA. It has made the payment processes very simple that it can be operated even through your phone anytime and anywhere. It offers great support and flexibility, which is a prime thing for business owners.

If security is a concern, then this service provider is known for its extra security protection where very little to no chance of fraud and theft, thereby protected with PCI and EMV compliant.

Merchant Services Broker Solutions is available 24/7, offering full support and necessary aid. It is a budget-friendly service provider suitable for people of all budgets.


PayPal is the next favorite of the customers while offering business versions of online transaction tools. The company is known for its popularity that it has been reported that more than 17 million firms are using PayPal.

Security is very good as the transactions are carried on with risk modeling and fraud protection. It allows many payment methods which include in-store credit cards and mobile payments.

The basic service is best suited for low volume transactions and is perfect for small businesses and online start-ups. It has many advanced options which include POS and merchant accounts but it comes with a monthly fee plan.

Quickbook Payments

Quickbook Payments are another option worthy of consideration. The company has expanded itself from offering accounting software to provide online payment processing and now is a fine merchant service.

It also comes with many options which include a card reader for phone payments, store purchases, and online processing. The best part about Quickbook Payments is its direct link to the QuickBooks accounting software. In other words, POS will appear on an immediate real-time account basis.

It follows a transparency policy where the charges are upfront and straightforward. It also comes with no monthly fee but comes with options for monthly subscriptions.


It is an established merchant service provider that is popular for offering a varied range of offline and online payment services. Worldpay comes with an option for combination for POS systems in large numbers and also comes with its own SmartPay Series terminals.

You can convert your smartphone into the POS to take payments in person. This will help in selling your products on the go in places like exhibitions and you will require just your phone to complete the entire payment processes.

Worldpay is good in its security protections such as the card fraud screening that would help you with the details and avoid the risk of a fraud payment being accepted. The company has been providing customized solutions that have been welcomed by many users. They will only pay the fee for only the features they need and use. But with flexibility, it also comes with expectations of a monthly fee plan.


Payline promises easy credit card payments and provides varied flexible plans to suit according to their clients’ company. The services offered are many such as online, mobile, in-store, integrated payments, and enterprises.

It provides a payline Gateway that is used for business website plug-in to accept payments and virtual terminals. The prices are flexible and come with monthly fee payments.

These are few of the best Merchant Service Providers that are ready to take your business to the next high level.