Best Study Abroad Destinations for Indian Medical Students

Best Study Abroad Destinations

Medicine has always been and continues to be one of the most popular streams in India. Many students across the country choose medicine as their career. In recent times, the number of students willing to pursue their medical studies in foreign countries has increased tremendously. There are many speculations as to the reasons why this might have happened. But, it is understandable as India, being the second largest populated country, produces a very high number of medical professionals every year. As it stands, the medical colleges of India cannot accommodate to the needs to the country’s medical students. The number of seats available is not anywhere near the demand for them and there is a tough competition.

Best Study Abroad Destinations for Indian Medical Students

There are a myriad of reasons for why students might go abroad for pursuing medical education. Indian students have to write medical examinations such as NEET to get into top colleges. But, performing well in such examinations doesn’t guarantee as seat. One must be exceptionally good in their studies to get into top colleges due to the lack of seats. MBBS is the most sought after medical degree anywhere in the world and the number of MBBS seats in India is just ridiculous compared to the number of students competing for it. Also, private medical colleges are very expensive in India and this has led many students to consider moving abroad as it would almost be the same as studying in a private college. There are many other such reasons why students are going abroad. Many come back to India to practice medicine after pursuing their studies in other countries.

Studying abroad is beneficial in many ways other than the fact that India doesn’t have enough resources to fill the demand in medical seats. Some of these reasons are:

• Exposure to different cultures
• Building communication with different kinds of people
• More global outlook
• More opportunities
• Better education

Also, pursuing one’s education abroad can be very fun. There is a lot of demand for doctors who have qualified from foreign universities and they often get paid more. There is also a better chance of settling in the country of education if one wishes. But, there are many options out there and students and parents find it hard to pick and choose the right destination. Obviously there are myriad of wonderful choices but two stand out: China and Russia.

China is the country with the highest human population and a neighbour to India. In the past decade, it has seen extraordinary advances in a variety of fields ranging from robotics to health care. This progress has only led to creation of many colleges and better education system. Universities such as Peking University, Fudan University and Tsinghua University are recognized worldwide and are some of the best the country has to offer. MBBS in China is in high demand. Students from all over the world are flowing into China to pursue their MBBS studies. Due to the quality of education and high number of resources, MBBS in China is a very good choice. Also, studying MBBS in a A Grade college in China costs only around 20-30 Lakh INR. That is very low considering that it might take the same to study in an average private college in India. Due to all these, MBBS in China seems to be a very good option for Indian students.

Coming to the Russian scenario, the country has always been a superpower and has a great outreach to various parts of the world. Russia certain has dominated in many areas including research and scientific development. Due to most of the country being covered with heavy snow, a lot of it is not used for living by the locals. But, the urban parts are very developed with rich history. MBBS in Russia is a good option for many reasons. The quality of education is great and Russian universities bring together top class professors from around the world. The research divisions in Russia are in demand for quality professionals, making it perfect for someone willing to settle in to medical research. It provides many opportunities and exposure to a lot of cultures from around the world. It also costs almost the same as China to study in Russia, making it a viable alternative for Indian students. There are many other options out there such as the Philippines, Canada, UK, US etc. One has to choose one according to their needs and budget.