According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the construction sector will have around 400,000 new jobs by 2030. Undoubtedly, constructing roads, buildings, and other infrastructures has become a need in the ever-growing population and economy.

The construction industry offers various job opportunities for individuals skilled in advanced technological solutions. That’s because many firms now use construction project management software like Bridgit to streamline their workflow.

If you’re looking to start a career in the construction industry, you must decide what construction position you want to opt for before pursuing your career. This post discloses every detail about the highest jobs in construction. So, keep reading.

Types of construction projects

Before diving into the construction positions, you must know the types of construction projects you may work for. Here are four main types:

● Industrial – Industrial construction projects are of two types. The first is building a whole new facility from scratch. The second is renovating an already existing facility. Industrial projects are complex and follow strict infrastructure under allocated resources.
● Residential – These projects require building a new house or revamping an old abode. The residential projects can either be apartments or houses. A general contractor is usually hired for these projects.
● Commercial – Commercial projects are more extensive than residential projects because of the size of accommodations. It can vary from a retail store to a 5-star hotel. These projects are complex, so an expert contractor is preferred to complete them.
● Institutional – These construction projects are bigger than residential and commercial combined. They are more complex than commercial projects because of their size and purpose. Some examples are schools, hospitals, and universities.

There are also sub-categories in these construction project types. But if you do more research, every project comes under one of the above types.

Top construction positions

Positions in the construction industry might vary with the type of project you are working on. Unfortunately, that means your responsibilities will also differ from project to project.

You can see the four construction projects mentioned above. Every project has different requirements and needs varying intensity of labor.

Construction Manager

So what are the top construction positions you must focus on? The top three include the following.

1. Architect

An architect plans, designs, and provides a blueprint for a construction project. All these are done so in the pre-construction phases of a project. Without them, it’s impossible to construct any structure.

Architects analyze a surrounding area and choose the most suitable construction site to mitigate the risk of failure and damage. They also stay in touch with clients, engineers, and other architects while developing the blueprint of a building.

These professionals are also responsible for giving updates to the clients in the form of review drawings of the building under construction.

Education & job requirements

You must complete a bachelor’s degree in architecture with relevant experience in the construction field. After that, you can do an internship for at least six to eight months to join a professional architect’s workforce.

You also need to get a license by passing the Architect Registration Examination to start your career as a professional architect.


You can earn $80,180 annually if you complete all the education and job requirements to become a construction architect.

2. Project controller

A project controller supervises construction activities and never interferes unless necessary. Being a project controller, you will have the following responsibilities:

● Data gathering – A project controller gathers relevant data for the ongoing construction project. For example, soil characterization where the construction will take place. Moreover, they communicate with all project departments, retrieve data, and deliver the correct information to each department.
● Management – It covers all the major and minor aspects of the construction project like resource allocation, procurement, and project scheduling.
● Analysis – A project controller analyzes all the construction project processes and predicts future outcomes. The expected result influences resources required to complete the construction project.

If you are looking for a project controller construction position, you must have basic knowledge of a project’s life cycle.

Education & job requirements

You need a graduate degree with certification in project management to become eligible for a project controller position. Besides that, you must have good communication skills to address each construction department.

Since a project controller supervises every construction site activity, you must have knowledge about management, risk assessment, and strategic planning.


You will earn $88,640 annually if you join the construction workforce as a project controller.

3. BIM coordinator

A building information modeling (BIM) coordinator generates the physical features of a place. They also manage the functional characteristics of a construction project and then prepare a BIM file after combining the features and characteristics.

As a BIM coordinator, you must also correlate and monitor these BIM files and track their progress.

Primary responsibilities include:

● Extracting information – You must determine which data will help the construction department, extract it, and then present it to a particular audience.
● Exchanging BIM files – The BIM files should include all the relevant data and information regarding a construction project. So you might have to exchange that information with the authorities responsible for executing that project.
● Creating a network – You must create a network among different construction functions. For example, as a BIM coordinator, you’ll present the project status to the government authorities that allow a particular infrastructure to be built.

Education & job requirements

You have two options to become eligible for a BIM coordinator. The first is to complete an undergraduate program in BIM management, architecture, or construction. The second is completing a Higher National Diploma (HND) in a similar subject.

Some companies may also require you to have command of software like AutoCAD.


The average salary of a construction BIM coordinator is $70,406 annually.


The construction industry is bringing more job opportunities. With the proper knowledge and skill-set, you can quickly get your dream construction position in a reputable firm.

Want to hear an exciting part? These construction positions are highly paid with job security and other perks like medical insurance, travel allowance, and accommodation. So, prepare yourself and apply for any of the three highest positions in the construction industry.