A life coach is a person who people come to with their problems and issues. Your job as a life coach would be to help people identify their values and strengths. Then help them achieve their goals and dreams.

While this wasn’t common a couple of decades ago, life coaching has become a trending occupation for many people around the world. You can look for life coaching courses in Brisbane, and get started easily in under a year.

But why should you become a life coach? Here are five reasons why.

Give Your Life Meaning

Life Coaching Is a Satisfying Job

Many people around the world work jobs that don’t satisfy them or make them happy. They aren’t entirely fulfilled with the work they do because it doesn’t involve their interests. It could also just helping a group of people get even wealthier.

If you aren’t satisfied with what you do, then life coaching can be an excellent career. You can make your clients’ lives much better and feel good about what you do at your job.

The Work can Align with Your Own values

Life coaches are the people that live in complete harmony with their values, no matter what they may be.

As a life coach, your values might include providing a valuable service to others, contributing to a better world, and helping people achieve their goals.

If these values seem somewhat similar, then you might love being a life coach.

Coaching Is About Helping Your Clients Live With Their Values

Many people live in conflict with their values and authentic self. They need someone to guide them to focus on what’s truly important and make a life that works for them.

Life coaches learn how to do that for their own lives. That’s the reason why people come to them. The clients want the peace that their life coaches have.

The Pay Is Relatively Good

The income is obviously a significant concern for everyone. You want to lead a comfortable life, provide well for your family, and happily retire. Fortunately, life coaching can pay really well throughout your career.

Most life coaches charge somewhere in the hundreds per hour. Some even come up with monthly packages or work only with particular demographics.

However, you must remember that you can’t charge a high or even an average fee when you startout. Your income will increase over time as your experience and reputation increases. Over time, you can earn really well.

You Can Work on Your Own Time


You may have plenty of responsibilities other than work. Do flexibility and the ability to organize your work schedule around your personal life sound good? If yes, then you will love to be a life coach.

Since the world has become much more modern nowadays, you can have an office, work on the phone, through the internet, or any way that you prefer. The only thing that you will have to do is find the right clientele for your preferred work method.