Of the qualifications in Australia, assessment and training certificate IV is the easiest route to career advancement. Now, that’s regardless of your area of expertise.

You could be a health inspector, a teacher, or even a personal trainer. Certificate IV holds the same value regardless of the job.

Besides career advancement, Cert-IV also prepares you as a trainer. In essence, you can work and yet teach others the rigors and hacks of your field.

Passive income and a shot at salary increment! That’s worth a catch – eh?

So, what can you expect from this certificate? Is there anything you should know?

All You Need To Know About Assessment And Training Certificate IV

Is Cert-IV Only For Trainers?

For most parts, you’d see trainers enrolling for this certification. That is because it prepares them to develop learning schedules for their trainees.

But that is not saying Cert-IV is only for trainers. Anyone could sit for the assessment exams and get this certificate to gain more theoretical knowledge about their respective fields.

That brings us to who Cert-IV is even for in the first place:

Certificate IV is for you if you’re in a supervisory role. It is somewhat like a mid-level skill acquisition proof. That means you already have the work profile and experience.

With Cert-IV, you will only advance your leadership, problem-solving, and vocational skills. So, you see: this qualification is not necessary for trainers.

Can You Learn to Get The Certification Online?

Regardless of what career you’re advancing, all the courses of Cert-IV are available online. And when you consider that you hold prior leadership roles in your business, this approach is the best to learn.

Nevertheless, there could be a few in-house, practical training. But that depends on what you are learning.

Higher education

For example, courses such as phlebotomy or CPR will need hands-on experience and somewhat blended learning. Medical assistance, on the other hand, requires no such practical expertise. But still if you are wondering about how to become a phlebotomist then there are numerous online courses available to help you in this regard.

Furthermore, where you gain your Cert-IV also matters. It is vital that you only work with trusted and experienced partners such as SpecTraining.

SpecTraining is a member of Adult Learning Australia. Also, they offer global-standard career development in partnership with the Asia Pacific Institute for Learning & Performance (ILP).

How Long Does It Take To Earn A Certificate IV?

Now, the duration to earn Cert-IV varies from one line of study to another. Nevertheless, the time-taken depends solely on the learner.

How so?

Online learning is a self-paced construct. Even at that, you can expect your certificate in a year if you dedicate 8 hours per week to the training.

What Courses Can You Expect To Learn?

Like the duration, the contents of your courses depends on your career path. You can’t expect a construction management course to have the same outlines as a medical resource.

Regardless, you can expect overlaps such as:

How to design assessment tools,

How to design participatory learning approaches, and

Adult learning & literacy skills in the workplace.

And that’s all. You can proceed to enroll for your certificate IV now.