Software developers are some of the most sought-after professionals by most organizations. And, with the ever-increasing demand and talent shortage of software developers, the career has become very lucrative. With that said, software development is a very dynamic industry. It’s not a surprise that we see new frameworks, languages, and technologies coming and going every few years. Besides, the job requirements of software developers keep on changing now and then.

So, to assist those interested in starting a career in software development, we shall discuss some of the most important things you need to know to start your career. Let’s delve in!

Programming languages

While there are a number of programming languages that you can use when starting a software development career, you should master the following languages first.


This is considered to be a general-purpose language since it’s designed to function on different platforms. For instance, Java is a common language across the internet, since most people use different devices to access web pages. Besides, Java is a common choice for Android app development.


This is a top-level, object-oriented language, which every software developer must learn. Besides, it’s one of the best options for both application and web development. What makes it a good option for new developers is its simplicity, and unique syntax, which stresses readability. The Python Software Foundation states that Python programs are a bit slower compared to Java programs. However, they are 3 – 5 times shorter compared to Java programs.


Developers from Entrance, Houston software development experts say that C++ is another object-oriented programming language, and it supports both low-level and high-level functions. Also, it has an intermediate difficulty level, and it has different uses, from extracting large data sets to displaying graphics for video games. C++ is a universal language and works on any operating system. Besides, it’s very versatile since it can be used in any software development project.


According to a report by SlashData, JavaScript is one of the most popular languages across the world. In fact, 62% of recruiters say that they’d love to hire developers with JavaScript skills. Java comes second at 59%, and Python thirst at 48%. The increased popularity of the Internet of Things has increased the need for JavaScript front-end frameworks like Angular JS and React. That means JavaScript will continue being one of the leading programming languages


This is a relatively new programming language, which is gaining a lot of popularity among many developers. Unlike C++ or Java, Scala is comparatively easy to learn. A recent article by Lifewire said that developers can write Scala in fewer lines, compared to the ones needed to write Java. This comes with productivity benefits, as developers can achieve more in a single day. Fewer lines make things easier when it comes to code review, testing, and debugging.


Integrated Development Environment

Also known as IDEs, the Integrated Development Environment allows developers to write, compile, run, modify, or debug their code. Now, when it comes to selecting the ideal development environment, programmers have their preferred choice, depending on the language or purpose. So, when starting your career as a developer, you must know how to use the Integrated Development Environment to write, compile, run, or debug your code.
Today, there are different IDEs that you can use, and using any of these can speed up your work. The most recommended IDEs for C, C#, and C++ developers are Code::Blocks or Visual Studio. Python developers, on the other hand, can use Spyder, PyCharm, or Jupyter notebook. Java developers have the option of IntelliJ IDEA, Java Eclipse, and NetBeans.


This is another essential skill that developers should learn when starting their careers. As a developer, you should know different kinds of operations like creating, storing, inserting, deleting, and updating records. Developing any software, application, or website is not possible for organizations without databases.

When developers work on serious development projects, they must take care of any security issues and manage the company’s record. This can be possible if the developer has proper database skills. Because of this, you must be good at writing basic SQL databases.
Problem-solving skills and mathematical aptitude

Software development requires algorithmic work and solving intricate problems. That means you must have good mathematical skills or a basic understanding of graph theories if you want to become a developer. Besides, the slightest problems in software development can lead to serious problems. This requires one to have good problem-solving skills and the ability to think outside the box.

Attention to detail

Being attentive and thorough with your work is an essential part of being a software developer. As said earlier, software developers should have good problem-solving skills. At times, the problem can be the tiniest bug that’s messing around with your code. So, being attentive can put you in a good position to identify even the tiniest of errors in your code.

Teamwork skills

While most people tend to ignore this skill, it’s very important and valuable as learning programming languages. When you become a software developer, you will be working with people on different projects. That means you must have good interpersonal and teamwork skills if you want to succeed in your career. Besides, you need to improve your communication skills when starting your career as a software developer.