The profession of mentoring, guiding, and training people on how to manage their appearance including dressing up, behavior, grooming, body language, etiquette, and manners to create powerful first impressions to get more opportunities in personal and professional life.

Image Consulting is a professional field in which the main aim is to improve the image of a particular person personally and professionally through behavior, appearance, and communication.

Importance of image consulting courses

The image Consulting courses will help you to be the best version of yourself and leave an everlasting first impression on anyone you meet in your professional life. Image consulting courses also lead to job opportunities in well-known fashion, entertainment, and media companies. They are also very helpful for your personality and grooming if you are applying for jobs in the aviation sector such as that of an air hostess.

Financial disasters

Image consulting courses will help you to be a better person or a better version of yourself by improving your overall personality and behavior. This is very helpful if you are applying for some hospitality related job. Moreover, if you are self-employed, then this will help in career enhancement. After taking an Image consulting course you can also become an independent image consultant to earn a living.

Qualities that you will develop and improve after taking an Image consulting course

  • Appearance: Knowing how to style according to the situation and people, Personal shopping, and wardrobe management. An idea about how to do hair and makeup, the proper use of accessories to give you a perfect look to make a lasting impression whether it is your job interview or an important meeting with your in-laws.
  • Behavior: This part of the Image consulting course will focus on aspects like body language, business, and social behavior and etiquette, protocol, civility, brand culture, etc.
  • Communication: Communication skills are a must-have in all business and professional job sectors. Image consulting courses will help you to develop and improve your communication skills including both verbal and nonverbal communication to help you express yourself better, social media presence to showcase all the positive parts about you and your business on social media websites so as to attract more clients to it. The course will also help you to build more confidence and enhance your presentation skills for better performance.

Job opportunities after taking the Image consulting course

A person who undertakes an Image consulting course is known as an image consultant. He can work in the following sectors after having a proper certificate for this course.

  • Educational institutions
  • Professional associations
  • Social clubs/societies
  • Community centers and social networking groups
  • Private individuals
  • Corporate executives
  • Business owners
  • Public personalities
  • Politicians
  • Corporate companies – local and foreign

The origin of Image consulting

The very first instant of the term Image consulting was seen in the seventies when John.T Molloy published a book called ‘ dress for success’ in the United States in the year 1975. The book focuses mainly on how proper dressing and personal styling can help in achieving the personal and professional goals of an individual.

The book also contained ideas about how a good personal image can work wonders and the professional success of an individual.

The book was not based on the author’s personal opinion but instead on various testing that proved the concept of ‘ power dressing’. This book made it to the best-selling list of the Year that year and people began to think about the ideas mentioned in the book. In no time, people begin to understand the importance of proper dressing up.

People also realized that proper grooming and styling can have a huge impact on a person’s overall life goals.