According to a report, Australia is one of the top 10 countries that deliver the highest pay for qualified nurses. Apart from this, it sees steady demand for such profession. This means that being a nurse here is truly rewarding. The question is, “where should you start?” Well, the answer is pretty easy—find the best nursing agency Australia has to offer.

Here are the steps that you can take:

1. Do your research about the agency.

When assessing a nursing agency Australia nurses recommended to work with, make sure they have a good reputation of taking care of their nurses themselves. You can visit their website to get an idea of how they employ and assign their nurses.

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You can read reviews or personally ask other nurses who have worked or are currently working for the agency to collect first-hand information.

2. Know their placement destinations.

Keep in mind that agencies providing nursing jobs in Australia offer placements in various regions for various medical institutions. So, know if they supply nurses to places that you prefer to go.

Unlike being in a fixed nursing position, you’ll find a range of opportunities when working in different locations, so consider what works best for you. Of course, the experience should improve your skills and knowledge as a nurse.

3. Consider the pay and housing options.

Of course, when looking for nursing jobs in Australia, you should opt for an agency that offers higher rates than other agencies. During your interview, you can ask about their compensation package, so you will get a full picture of your overall salary.

Aside from your pay, you should also ask about the housing options they have. Remember that nursing agencies offer different accommodation solutions, so choose what’s most convenient for you.

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If you don’t want to take any of their housing options, you can also ask if they can provide you with a housing stipend, instead, which you can use to finance your accommodation.

4. Consider the benefits you want to receive.

Do you have certain privileges in mind that you want to receive while working? For example, do you want to be covered with an insurance plan? How about paid vacation leaves and transportation? Ideally, your list of options for nursing jobs in Australia should have these.

However, take note that these benefits can affect your pay rate.

5. Know their policies.

Before you start working with a nursing agency, it’s important to know their policies first. Whichever agency you’ll be working for, you’ll be able to work better when you know where you stand.

Work with HealthX

By taking the steps mentioned above, you’ll find yourself working with the best nursing agency Australia has to offer. With them, you can enjoy higher rates of pay, flexible schedules, and even expense-paid travel.

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Now, one recognised nursing agency in Australia is HealthX. They do not only value your profession but are also committed to employing and sponsoring the best nurses to provide the best care for their client organisations.

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