Are you one of those whose interest is always stirred by anything beauty-related? Take note that being fashionable goes beyond styles and trends. You need to acquire the necessary knowledge and also take the recommended tests.

If you wish to become fashionable and don’t know where to start, you are on the right platform.

The first thing you should do towards attaining your dreams is to consider studying and taking the necessary cosmetology tests.

The best cosmetology school will prepare you to pass your state board exams, after which you can start a flourishing journey of beauty and fashion.



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Get Fashionable By Clearing These Exams

Once you graduate from cosmetology school, the only requirement will be to take a written and a practical test. This is the prerequisite to get your license, after which you can work in different fields of beauty and fashion.

Depending on what you like, you can choose to study and take exams in areas like:

  1. Cosmetology test- the exams here include skincare services, hair care service, nail care service, and scientific concepts.
  2. Esthetician test- the exams include esthetics practices and scientific concepts.
  3. Barber practice test- the exams are about hair and facial hair services, skincare and facial services, and scientific concepts.
  4. Nail technician test- exams include nail care, nail structure and analysis, infection control, licensing, and regulation.

When you do the free practice tests in preparation for the main exam, each of the above examination areas consists of 20 practice questions. The test questions come from the main state board exam.

How Study Package Makes Passing Your Cosmetology Exams Easier

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The regularly updated study course will always match every change in the forthcoming exams. This guarantees that you are always studying the most current and relevant information in line with your exams.

  • Genuinely-Replicated Exams

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The grading of each of the replicated exams is done the same way as the actual test.

  • The Algorithm that Locates Your Weak Areas

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The study material is excellent, such that students pass at a double rate compared with the national average. There are practice test authors, editors, peer reviewers, and a technical support team.

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  • Flexible Study Mode

You can access the study package using any convenient device; mobile phone, laptop, desktop, or tablet. Hence, you can use your course anywhere, at any time, using the device of your choice.

How Do You Get Fashionable After Clearing Your Cosmetology Exams?

After clearing your state board exams, you will have gained the right knowledge and skills for the cosmetology industry. You can now progress with your career. Remember that the different fields of cosmetology will allow you to display your creativity in the area of beauty and fashion.

So, how do you get fashionable after clearing your exams?

  1. Get to Practice as a Professional Cosmetologist

Ensure you get into the field as a professional beautician. The many branches of cosmetology will allow you to make use of your skills.

Once you start practicing, clients will come to you for beauty services. Some may not have the precise idea of the nail, hairstyles, or makeup they want. Instead, they will rely on your knowledge and skills.

Therefore, as you try out new styles on clients, you will discover fashionable trends that you can also employ.

When you help clients with their skincare, haircare, or makeup designs, you will be making them feel their best. You may also discover some latest hair or makeup styles in the market, which you can apply and make yourself fashionable.

  1. Travel and Work in New Places

Do you know that you can get fashionable by traveling and exploring different places?

As a licensed cosmetologist, you can work anywhere and discover new fashions.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that; between now and 2028, the demand for cosmetologists should grow by 8%. Therefore, skilled beauticians have the opportunity to work in different places and explore new fashions.

As you explore new towns and cities, you can work in beauty salons, spas, and resorts. Such environments allow you to build on your skills and talents and also adapt to new fashions.

For example, most cosmetologists like traveling to participate in major fashion events like the regional or world fashion week. Fashion week is usually a big event in the field of style and fashion. Most of the behind the scene participants are cosmetologists.

The makeup artists, hair stylists, and nail technicians work hard to groom the models and ensure that the event turns out successful. Furthermore, some of the fashion show contestants are usually cosmetologists.

The fashion week event is popular for extraordinary hairstyles and makeup and unique clothing and accessories. They all together make a world of difference in the event, courtesy of professional cosmetologists.

  1. Connect With Other Cosmetologists and Learn Fashionable Trends

Practising cosmetology as a career allows you to meet other cosmetologists from different backgrounds. You can learn from them some fashion trends that you may not have known before. Such may include new hair care tips or makeup designs.

As you also show your clients how to maintain their looks, for example, by following a particular skincare routine or applying particular makeups, you can also discover some new products that will add to your fashion.

Remember that there’s an increased demand for beauty products and services all over the world. More demand comes with the need for trained cosmetologists to teach others how to use the products appropriately.

By practising as a qualified cosmetologist, you also get the opportunity to get fashionable by exploring different styles.

Going with the fashion week event example, as a fashion show stylist, you can be hired to work with the designer and other team members to determine the make-up look and hairstyles. The more diversified you get in the industry, the more fashionable you can become.


Cosmetology offers you the flexibility to do and attain so much in the field of beauty. Once you complete your exams, you will have the chance to explore and embrace new fashions in professional environments.

If you enjoy working with skincare products, you can become an esthetician and help clients with skincare tips and treatments. If you love hair care, you can become a professional hairstylist.

You will also get the opportunity to research the latest fashion trends and give yourself and your clients the timeless skin care or hairstyling fashion they’ll never forget.