Every management team looks closely at the needs of their employees when choosing the custom workwear required for their jobs. Choosing the right work attire is important if you want your employees to feel comfortable and confident while doing their job.

Employees must look professional, be easily recognizable, and also be comfortable enough to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. Almost any type of clothing can be branded and turned into a uniform. The key is choosing the right clothing for each position.


Comfortable work attire is a must if you want your employees to stay focused on their jobs. Polo shirts, button shirts, or t-shirts are easily branded and make excellent choices for uniforms. Uniforms should be chosen according to the type of work an employee performs on a daily basis.

A person who stocks shelves or unloads trucks will be better off wearing a branded t-shirt that allows them to move freely and without restrictions. Employees who work directly with customers may be more comfortable wearing a branded polo or dress shirt.

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The style of uniform should match the type of business you operate. Dress codes range from business formal to plain, matching uniforms. Almost any type of clothing can be branded and turned into “uniforms” or various kinds of work attire.

The type of work you perform on a daily basis will determine what style of clothing you should wear while you are on the job. If you work in a gym, you will want to wear something that allows you to do your job. The same is true if you work in an office setting. This type of work requires a more professional appearance and more formal attire.

Showcase Your Brand

When you choose the type of clothing your employees will be wearing, you will also need to decide how you are going to showcase your brand. Branding your uniforms or other types of work attire instills confidence in your workforce and makes them easily identifiable to potential customers.

Showcasing your brand by putting it on your company’s work clothing also helps to encourage teamwork. When employees come together and work as one cohesive unit, the entire group is more productive and focused on their goals.

Easy to Care For

Most companies that provide traditional uniforms also collect and clean them at the end of the week. If your company provides polo shirts, t-shirts, or other more casual forms of apparel, you want them to be easy to care for and maintain.

Employees are more willing to take care of their branded work clothing if they can wash it with the rest of their laundry. Wash and wear apparel will continue to look its best with very basic care and upkeep. Employees want to look good and feel their best. Provide them with clothing they like to wear.


Every business needs to maintain its bottom line financially. Buying uniforms for each employee can be incredibly costly. When looking for work attire, choose shirts and accessories that are affordable and durable. Quality clothing is less expensive when it’s bought in bulk.

Ordering multiples of each size is a good way to save money and allows you to have extras on hand if an employee needs an extra shirt due to an accident or emergency. It’s always a good idea to have a few of each size on hand at all times.

Branded workwear sets your employees up for success. They are often more confident and will take more pride in their work knowing they are representing the company. Wearing a comfortable uniform that bears the company brand can also encourage teamwork and make your employees much more visible to customers.

Almost any type of attire can be branded. Shirts and hats that bear the company brand can also be given away as promotional items. You can showcase your brand in many ways. Placing your brand on your employees’ uniforms is just the beginning!