E-Commerce has grown up in the last few years gaining an incredible growth momentum with daily startups launching in the ecosystem filling gaps in the business model.

Lots of online shopping trends are focusing on payment gateways, plug-and-play options and omnichannel marketing solutions. But only a few upcoming trends have looked into improving the customer experience.

In this article, we introduce Onlive.site that has revolutionized customer experience with live shopping for online stores. This is the latest trend in 2022 by bringing the online stores to life.

Benefits of Livestream Shopping

Onlive.site is a tech startup that can enable a livestream shopping platform on any website. According to analysts from a research study in online stores customers traits, using live stream shopping has improved metrics and conversions for clients.

Over 10 times customer retention and more than 30% opt-in for emails subscriptions, thus pushing brand loyalty to another dimension. Moreover, the online stores have found a five fold increase in Add-to-cart metrics and three fold average visit time and products viewership. We can not over stress how this affects bounce rate and improved SEO metrics of the whole site. The total gain from using a livestream shopping one-stop solution will reflect on all your online store metrics at the end of the day.

Cart Abandonment Solution at Checkout

Approximately 30% of customers abandon the shopping carts before checkout due to lack of support or are in doubt of the process or payment solutions. Customers, even in the real world, need a human interaction to proceed to check out. That is the gap that is filled by Onlive.site to entrust the online shoppers of the shopping process.

Choosing the right products for your Online Store

Online stores, especially the new plug-and-play, can have very lucrative designs and options for cataloguing the inventory. But with these options, clients lose perspective and exit the website. That is also, where Onlive.site comes in. They introduce One-to-One live shopping experience.

It is given that more products will be sold if marketed by a human salesperson and give the clients a more superior customer experience. From a business perspective, this means better conversion rates and improved sales funnel metrics with less cart abandonment and more checkouts. In the end, it means your online shopping is making more revenue and profit.


E-Commerce Cost Efficiency

So is Onlive.site worth the cost? Ofcourse, there are no specific metrics for choosing customer experience and retention. It is reflected in the balance sheet with increased profits at the end of the day.

However, Onlive.site have calculated the minimum Average Order Value (AOV) required to be profitable using an individualized customer experience. The estimated value is €100 per order which remains quite reasonable for most online stores. Whether, the store is selling electronics, fashion, services or even travel plans, all customers are satisfied with a personalized relationship with their favorite online store.


using a personalized customer support live shopping options allows the business to focus on other perspectives, earn their clients trust and provide an excellent customer experience that eliminates all doubt throughout the process.