The importance of Olympiads in the field of education cannot be undermined. These are competitions that test various skills in various fields. Each year thousands of students from different grades participate in such competitive exams to determine their capabilities. These exams also are a good model of practice to solve questions that require logical reasoning and other important skills. Similarly, students intend to appear for the olympiads to improve their existing abilities and work upon their weaknesses.

Olympiads, which are national and international competitions, are conducted by different countries around the world. They are held for various subjects, the choice is up to the students. The most common competitions are math, science, and programming. However, for school pupils, Olympiad exams are ranging from class 1 to 10. Overall, Olympiads can be used as a tool for students to showcase their talents and learn more about their interests. Therefore, students should actively take part in olympiads to enhance their academic level as well as skill sets.

10 easy steps to prepare for class 8 English Olympiad


Choose a suitable Olympiad

The beginning step of preparing for an Olympiad exam is to select a suitable one. There are many types of these exams like monthly or yearly Olympiads. It’s suggested that pupils should attempt the monthly ones as they are conducted the entire year and students won’t feel burdened by it since their syllabus is distributed every month. However, for higher grades, it’s best to opt for the yearly ones as they are also appearing for the final exams too. When it comes to class 8th students, it’s on an intermediate level and so it depends on whether a student is comfortable with which type of Olympiads. Regardless, students must note that these exams need a strong commitment and thus pupils should not back out of it in the middle but rather take advantage of these exams.

Get familiar with the syllabus

The next step for students is to get familiar with the syllabus, they are available on the official websites. It’s advised that pupils must go through the syllabus well to study according to it since they may not necessarily be aligned with the syllabus of the student’s board.

Make a simple plan

Commonly, students make study plans for studying and Olympiad exams are no different. Students are advised to plan their approach and prepare to study. Try to make a quick simple plan by listing the activities equally and taking short breaks too for relaxing.  This will help students to organise all the chapters and it’s effective for learning purposes.

Give appropriate time to each chapter

The Olympiad exams require students to learn and solve math questions. To achieve this, pupils must give a slot to each chapter since all of them are a part of the syllabus. Students can begin studying the chapters they are most familiar with to get a flow of the exam format.

Understand the exam paper pattern

One of the most crucial things is that students must understand the exam paper pattern for the Olympiad exams. The paper pattern will guide students to prepare appropriately adhering to the syllabus and giving pupils an idea of how their exams will be.

Prepare and practice

English Olympiad needs thorough preparation and most importantly lots of practice. It’s recommended for students to learn and practice for the English Olympiad daily. By doing this, pupils will get the habit of understanding the concepts and how to apply them while solving questions.

Refer to other sources

Another preparation technique is to widen the perspective of a student. For example, a pupil is facing difficulties in understanding a particular topic, students can refer to other resource material than their textbooks. Reference books are always helpful to steer students in comprehending tough concepts. Moreover, even textbooks like the NCERT are great study material to refer to for the math Olympiad. Also, there are multiple platforms available today that publish fun informative videos for pupils to learn in a new mode.

Solve past Olympiad papers

Last but not the least, the best and most essential step to prepare for any Olympiad is by solving numerous past papers. It is a common phenomenon in the world of exams that students try to make sure that they are well-prepared for the exam. There are various ways in which they can prepare themselves, including studying from books and solving practice papers. Students can find IEO English Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper Class 8 2013 or past year papers for other subjects as well.


Altogether, students appearing for the Olympiad exams must follow a flexible study plan that blends with their academics as well. This will make things easier for pupils to find a relation between them and perform well in such competitive examinations. If pupils follow these steps, it will give them a direction to study well and can achieve high scores on these exams! Besides, students must remember that the Olympiad exams are tests for a lot of skills and thus they should prepare accordingly.

During exams, students find themselves in a state of panic. In such a situation, it is important not to panic and to keep aware of your surroundings. One should have an idea about how much time is left for the exam so that one can complete the paper accordingly.

A student should take a deep breath before starting to work on an exam paper. It will help in preventing the feeling of dizziness and thereby reduce anxiety levels. The student can then decide on whether they have time for a quick break or not depending on the length of the paper and how much time they have left for it.