Wondering about what are the top countries to pursue an MBA program? The country selection decision’s implication will directly affect everything from the networking opportunities you get to career prospects after post-graduation. Hence, selecting the right country for pursuing MBA matters.

In this blog post, you will know about the most popular countries for students to pursue an MBA Program. This will help you finalize the best college to study MBA in the top countries.

1. United States of America

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The US is one of the top countries among students to pursue an MBA program in the field of their choice. MBA program originated here, and the USA boasts many of the world’s most top-ranked business schools.

The United States of America generally offers a two-year MBA program, including an internship during the summer. Hence, if you plan to pursue an MBA from this country, you will get real experience and the opportunity to work in a reputed company. Also, the program’s two-year length gives students more time to build networks and explore their career opportunities.

2. United Kingdom

Another top country among students to pursue an MBA program is the United Kingdom. According to the Global Financial Centres Index’s reports, London is the world’s most competitive financial center. Therefore, London is an attractive prospect for students aiming to progress in their respective careers.

Many reputed universities such as London Business School, the London School of Economics, UCL from which students can complete an MBA program. Hence, London provides students with experience and connections in the financial heart of Europe.

3. Canada

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Another country at the top position in the best countries to pursue an MBA is the North American country – Canada. Canada is a popular destination for potential MBA aspirants due to the quality of its renowned business schools’ placement rates of these universities. Also, 6 of the best 100 business schools in the QS Global MBA Rankings 2018 are located in Canada.

Over the years, Canada has remained a significant choice for prospective MBAs and will keep its popularity in the near future as well.

4. Australia

Australia always remains an excellent hub for MBA Aspirants due to some of the top B-Schools in the world. These universities provide strong entrepreneurial support and an enviable lifestyle. Furthermore, its location close to the growing financial and business meccas in Southeast Asia offers students a plethora of learning and growth opportunities.

5. Germany

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Germany is a country known for its innovation and technology. It is one of the world’s strongest economies and a leader in both the electrical and automotive industries. In this country, students benefit from the academic and professional support given by many of the business schools. Also, students get to experience many networking opportunities provided by a country that is home to renowned organizations, including Mercedes-Benz, Siemens, BMW, Deutsche Bank, and Bosch.

6. France

According to the QS World Ranking, France is one of the top 10 countries to pursue an MBA. It was the first country in Europe to offer an MBA program, and it still renders one of the most competitive business educations available in the world.

Studying in France means you will be in direct touch with the Paris’s financial and business hub, and with many of Europe’s other prominent political and economic cities. Staying and studying in the city will also allow you to learn one of the in-demand languages of the world i.e. French.

7. Spain

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Spain is one of the top MBA destinations for students all around the globe. It is prevalent popular among students hailing from Latin America. Also, for students who wish to work within a Spanish speaking nation or region after graduation, Spain becomes the obvious choice.

Cities such as Barcelona, the largest port in the Mediterranean Sea, provide the students’ best economic environment. Besides, the diverse culture at these universities, including artists, musicians, and athletes hailing from different countries offers tremendous growth opportunities.

Hence, if you plan to get a better ROI on your master’s degree, pursuing MBA from the countries mentioned above will lead to an appreciating growth in your career.