NCERT books or guides are used to provide a better understanding of the course to the students. The NCERT books explain the text as well as the questions that make up the entire syllabus of the subjects. These explanations are provided by a committee of people who are also responsible for framing the curriculum of the CBSE education. The NCERT books cover the entire syllabus of the class. They are easy to understand and written in simple language for the students. They provide the best and the easiest explanations. They are confined to the syllabus and help a student get a vision of the important contents. They are not expensive to buy. Students can also download pdf files available online for free. They can use these NCERT books alongside their textbooks or course books for a better and wide understanding of their syllabus. There are various NCERT books solutions for class 7 that are available, both in softcopy and hardcopy. Here is how you can use them to prepare for your exams –

Studying Smart

  1. Know your syllabus: Before you get yourself an NCERT book, it is recommended that you check your syllabus once. It will help you choose the appropriate book and the one you find better for yourself. There is a variety of NCERT books available. Hence, knowing your syllabus will help you make a decision wisely.
  2. Study from two books simultaneously: Students can refer to their coursebook and the NCERT book simultaneously for studying. As you cover a chapter from the textbook, you can use the NCERT book, to understand the chapter better. The explanation and summaries provided in an NCERT book are comparatively simple and easier to understand. While maintaining the simplicity of the provided material, the level of requirement for the examination is not at all altered.
  3. Explanations to the question: The explanations provided for the questions of each chapter are given according to the requirements of the board. These answers give you an idea about what the examiner expects the answer to be. NCERT books provide all the necessary points that should be covered in the answer. It also covers all the questions that may be asked in the examination. Using NCERT books to prepare for your exams can help you ace the examination. The explanations provided are up to date with the provided pattern of the CBSE board.
  4. Alternate solutions: In some subjects like maths, there may be more than one method to answer the question. NCERT books provide alternative methods wherever possible so that students can apply whichever method they are comfortable with or whichever method asked in the question. If you can’t understand a question or its solution through one method, you can apply the alternative approach. This gives you the flexibility to learn and frame your questions accordingly.
  5. Provision of reference sheets: Reference sheets provided in some of the NCERT books can be very helpful while preparing an answer. These reference sheets may cover all the formulas, literary devices, concepts, and vocabulary, that you may require for the particular subject. This is a summarised version of the concepts and used for quick glace and revision.
  6. Extra questions: NCERT books cover extra questions related to your syllabus, that may not be provided in your coursebook. These questions can be referred to at the end of the chapter. Once you finish a chapter and solve the questions provided in your textbook, you can go through or practice the extra questions provided in the NCERT book. This will help widen your knowledge about the given topic and also make you more confident to sit for the examination.
  7. Mock tests or sample papers: Mock tests and sample papers are also provided in the NCERT books for your practice. You can implement these into your practice sessions. They are revised according to the updated pattern provided by the CBSE board. They give you an understanding of the pattern. They make sure that the questions provided are in sync with the questions that you might encounter in the examination. It provides you with a sense of clarity about the chapters in the syllabus that hold more importance as compared to others. Solving these tests will help you know your shortcomings which you can work on and retake the test.
  8. Revision: While you use the NCERT books to cover the syllabus, make sure that you mark the important parts of the explanation and the questions that seem important to you. This will help you revise the contents in a better way without wasting any time. During your first revision, you should go through all the chapters in the NCERT book. In the later revision sessions, you can go through the most important and marked contexts. Reference sheets provided in the book are also useful in revision.

NCERT books are a great source to study for your class 7 exam. Most of the CBSE schools ask the students to use these books for their classes in school. It is important that you refer to these books before the exam as you can learn how to write your answers. They are simple and easy to understand, covering every minute detail. They are fantastic resources that can be used to cover the entire syllabus as well as for revision purposes.