Life is all about making decisions. Right decisions made at the right time certainly prove to be fruitful in the future. Like all other decisions, the decision of selecting your university greatly affects your future career. Choosing the right university maybe one of the most important decisions of your life as it greatly shapes the rest of your life.

If you are a student who has done their bachelors in the field of architecture or design and are currently searching for a master’s degree programme; we have for you the best Architecture Master in Europe. The programme named as the Master of Architecture in City and Housing is a programme offered by the joint collaboration of Swiss Institute of Technology and University of Politecnica of Madrid. The programme has completed 11 years this year and has grown year by year in its reputation. It is ranked by architectural experts as one of the best programmes in the world when it comes to masters in city and housing.


Programme Details:

The duration of the masters’ programme is around 7 months of classroom lectures followed by a final project submission in October. It is taught entirely in English language and has a cost of nearly 19,000 euros that covers the entire cost of the programmes. The programme is not only limited to lectures inside the classroom, it also features several field study trips to different parts of Europe.

The Scope of the Programme:

With the world’s population growing at a faster rate than ever before the demand for more and more houses is increasing day by day. There is especially a wave of urbanization in developing countries where people from the countryside see moving to high end urban cities as a chance to increase their standards of living. This has led to an increase in housing societies across urban cities. Moreover, even in the developed world having a house has always been a considered a luxury as rentals are seen as a huge constrain on monthly budgets. This along with the spurring extravagant housing societies in the posh areas of LA, Toronto and other similar cities has also lead to an increase in the demand for the housing industry.

All these factors present a perfect opportunity for architects around the word to pursue their careers in our master’s programme. There is a detailed emphasis on core topics of energy, sustainability and urban design etc. There is special focus on case studies related to both low cost housing projects and state of the art modern buildings. All this provides the students with the right skills that they need to develop before stepping foot in the professional world.

The fact that the programme is a collaboration of two very well renowned universities of the world makes it stand out from conventional architectural master’s programme. It also has some of the best teachers who have years of hands on experience in the related fields. Lastly, the growing alumnus network also presents a golden networking opportunity for current students.

So what are you waiting for? Apply away.