The rights of women are constantly expanding. This means the number of jobs and occupations that were focused on men only continues to drop. However, a few decades ago the situation on the labor market had tons of differences compared to the current one. Which professions were considered to be men’s only? Discover a hot list of jobs and professions for males right here.

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Software Developers

The area of programming and web development was traditionally crowded by men. However, now you can find thousands of female developers with brilliant technical skills and lots of experience.

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Police officers

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There is nothing new that a police officer is a dangerous and risky job. Therefore, a few decades ago it was occupied by males mostly. Nowadays, the situation drastically changed. You can now find lots of female police officers in any city.


According to the recent data, the number of female pharmacists has increased by 34% in 2019 compared to 2014. This means this job is no longer for men only.

Database administrator

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Working as a database administrator requires having strong technical skills. Lots of ladies possess these skills and are now occupying the positions of these experts.

Stock and freight mover


These jobs are surely for physically strong people with excellent stamina. Fortunately, ladies often appear to be as hard as nails and can easily get these jobs, too.


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In case you would like to become a painter, get ready for enduring work. A couple of years ago, this profession was not really popular among women. Now, lots of females apply for this type of job.

Physical therapist assistant

Medicine continues to be one of the most difficult jobs worldwide. However, more and more talented assistants among females appear in the area.

Compliance officers

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Although there are not many females working as compliance officers, their number continues to grow. Therefore, not only males are hired for these positions.

Military jobs

Army Rangers and Navy SEALs and no longer men only. Started in 2016, ladies are allowed to get jobs in the military field without any obstacles.

Technical experts

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Engineering and other technical occupations are finally accessible to all women. Moreover, there are thousands of female experts in the area. You can find lots of technical writers, engineers, and other female technical staff in any company.

There are lots of other top men’s professions where men are still dominating. However, all these occupations are slowly conquered by ladies.