The learning management system preferred today is cloud-based. It helps streamline the process of teaching and learning. Usually, the LMS or learning management system is by schools, colleges, and universities.

An LMS allows for better interaction between students, teachers, and the general administration of an educational institution. No matter the type of education that’s being imparted to students, the chief aim of this system is to allow all communication online.

Mostly, educational institutions that have distance learning programs, get a lot of benefits using LMS. In this blog article, we will go through some of the prominent advantages of using an LMS system for your educational institute.

Dedicated Accounts

Every student has dedicated accounts on an LMS. Students can simply log into their personal LMS account by entering the password.

With a learning management system, a student has access to a complete library of their own where they can personalize and arrange educational material. Each student has a dedicated account where they can interact with teachers.

Interactive Interface

Once a student has logged in to the LMS, the screen they then see in front of them is a completely interactive interface. This interface has different tabs with nicely arranged buttons having different options.

The interface is designed to ensure the maximum ease of students in terms of the type of information they want to search. Different types of information a student has access to over the LMS interface are:

  • Notifications
  • Exam reports
  • Group sessions
  • Chat support
  • Help desk
  • Forms and challans
  • Videos

The above-described tabs are only the tip of the iceberg. The LMS can be as full of various options as an institution deems necessary.


Distant Learning Made Easy

Gone are the days when students had to be there at the university premises to take classes and submit work. With cloud-based learning management systems, teachers and students can interact and inform from the comfort of their homes. Students and teachers with disability can still have access to world-class education right from their drawing rooms.

Quizzes, Assignments, and Results

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, educational institutions of all types have recognized the power of LMS for imparting knowledge. During the lockdown, LMS helped foster a trend of quizzes and assignments to be done from home.

It was during the pandemic, that many teachers realized how conveniently they can check assignments and send them to students and vice versa.

With LMS, quizzes, assignments, checking and grading can be done on one platform with ease.

Chat Support for Queries

LMS also features chat support to help students instantly with any queries they have. Having chat support is like having an online help desk where students can seek guidance on administrative affairs relevant to them.

Online Notice Serving

In seconds, notices about holidays, exam date sheets, results, etc. can be notified to thousands of students at once.

Upload Lecture Videos

Teachers get the immense ease where they can simply record lectures on a webcam. After recording, they just need to upload the lecture so students can see it via their LMS accounts.

Online streaming of lectures is another option that’s rather more interactive, without worrying about issues of latency in video streaming.


Save Costs

Learning management systems are fairly priced, thanks to:

  • The market competition
  • The cloud-based technology

There is little maintenance cost for running cloud-based software.

Keep Courses Up-to-Date

The cool thing about LMS is that the information can be updated. Teachers and administrative staff do not have to take off and re-upload the whole content. What they can simply do is they can open the content in editing mode, update the content, apply to settings, and there they are!