Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp – Benefits and Guide to Buy

Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp

Salt is an important ingredient of every recipe. No matter what you cook, salt goes into it. And it is not because it adds a unique taste to your recipes but also because of the benefits you get. Sodium is an important mineral that our body needs. Its absence means you will suffer from many disease therefore salt is important. But does all salt are same? You will be surprised to know that this white crystal structure that we call as salt is available in different type. Table salt, sea salt, rock salt, and Himalayan pink salt are available type.

Moreover, all of them vary in their composition as regular salt that we use has more sodium than Himalayan salt. But Himalayan salt also has many other minerals like potassium, magnesium, calcium, molybdenum and strontium. You may get all these in all types of salt but the last two are only present in the pink salt.

These minerals are known beneficial for our body and mind. A surprising thing is that this salt is not only good for adding in your diet but also over your body. Yes, the skin conditions like aging can be treated with it. it doesn’t mean that you will not get old if you use this salt regularly but you can always reduce the aging signs. As a result, you can enjoy the youthful look for few more time.

However, many people don’t know that Himalayan pink salt is best for getting pollutant free air. How? The salt lamp is best way to use the salt. If you don’t like the idea of using pink salt into your recipe because of low sodium contents then salt lamp is worthy way to utilize it. What is salt lamp? Also, we will tell you how to make one or buy one.

Himalayan pink salt lamp- what it is?

Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp

The pink color salt is not only known for its color but its ability to give you good air. Originated from the areas near Himalaya, it got its name. It is used in almost everything from cooking to grilling. Salt therapy is also one of its uses. But the wide use of salt is seen in making salt lamp. They are known for releasing negative ions from the space. It helps in getting rid of the dust into the surroundings. The dust particles affect your health and air quality. So, use a lamp and get rid of the poor air quality. In addition to this, salt lamp is known for boosting your mood, alleviateallergic symptoms, boost energy levels, and help you in getting a sound sleep.

Does it work?

Well, the first question that pops up in mind is whether it works for real or not. This lamp is not for aesthetic look to your house but also for giving you health benefits. A study reveals that it decrease the depression by releasing the negative ions.

And when it comes to aesthetic, the Himalayan pink salt is best to add a little charm and ambiance to your house. The miniature pinkish lamp is perfect for your ideal night lights. In addition to this, they are not like trendy and expensive lamps that you get from the market. Youcan make it easily at home. All you need is a light source. However, the light source should be like that it can easily hold the piece of salt. And when the salt heats slowly the positive effects will be seen in the air. You will get a dim light of salt color into the room that looks brilliant.

• Few more benefits of Himalayan pink salt
• Apart from the reduction in air pollutants it has some more benefits like:
• The electronic devices of your home release electro-smog. A salt lamp will reduce this electro-smog
• It is good for reducing asthma symptoms, allergies and more caused by the electronic products.
• Himalayan pink salt is healthy as it treats lung diseases, skin condition, aging, depression, boost mood, energy level; soothe sore muscles, and more

However, you cannot get the last benefits by salt lump but you can get by including the salt into your diet. Additionally, you will get help in preventing low blood pressure, preventing dehydration, maintaining fluid balance, and more.

But if you want to buy a salt lamp then checks out our short guide.

Buy pink salt lamp- here is how?


Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp

Color is not important as salt lamp doesn’t give benefit depending upon the color, but the color should not be artificial. Some vendors use artificial color on ordinary salt to sell it at the cost of pink salt lamp. Ask them whether the salt lamp has original color or not. If it is artificial then you will not get the above mentioned benefit.


Yes the lamp size also matters as it will decide the power consumption and budget. Moreover, a heavy pink salt lamp is known for having broader ionization properties. If your room is big then buying a big salt lamp is good. On the other hand, you can buy multiple salt lamp of small sizeand put into your room. Multiple lamps will be effective than one lamp in your bedroom.


Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp

However, these lamps have natural shape as natural salt crystal is used to make them. but you can also buy crafted shape lamp as well. for example, you can buy a bowl of fire shape lamp. This is especially good when you are looking for a great gift for your friend. Natural shaped lamps are also attractive and give a real look to your house.


There are two types of lamps available butterfly cord, and spring-loaded cord. Check for the cord length and material to which salt is attached. It should not burn with salt as it will degrade the positive effective of Himalayan pink salt lamp.

So, check for these and give a beautiful orange-reddish or pinkish ambient lighting to your house along with the health benefits. This will not be worth wasting investment and you will get something that is natural and healthy.