There can be no doubt – solar energy has become even more popular today than ever, and an increasingly significant portion of homeowners are opting for a solar panel system. Therefore one can see a rapid increase in solar companies in Florida region. It brings a lot of benefits with it, including a decreased reliance on utility companies for your energy needs (hence lower electricity bills), as well as more efficiency in your home. But what else makes solar panels popular? More importantly, amongst your choices today, why are integrated solar panels or in-roof panels a worthy consideration? Here are the top reasons why integrated solar panels or in-roof panels may be your best choice.

What are they?

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We are all familiar with the on-roof system where solar panels or tiles are installed on top of your roof. But integrated or in-roof solar panels are different because they are integrated as your actual roof. In essence, in roof solar panels like those supplied by, a solar panels Manchester expert, are designed to replace a particular portion of your roof. This means there will no longer be roof tiles under the panels – the panels themselves will be your roof’s tiles.

This convenient solution makes them easier to install compared to standard or traditional panels and also takes less time. They are also weatherproofed and sturdy and are designed to be as strong as roof tiles – with one essential difference in that they come with the photovoltaic cells needed to produce energy.

Their benefits

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• Aesthetic appeal

An on-roof solar panel system is often viewed as unsightly and bulky, and whilst the latest models have a more streamlined look, in-roof solar panels are a step further. Since they will serve as a structured portion of the roof itself, they sit flush with the tiles and blend in more. This solution has proven better for those who may also want to sell their property in the future as it adds a more aesthetically-pleasing appearance to their home.

• Lightweight

If you try to install or set up a solar roof system on top of your roof’s tiles, this can be heavy and will add more weight to your structure. It may even result in issues with your roofing over time. With an in-roof system, you do not require any mounting frame. The way it works is that a section or portion of the roof is simply removed and then replaced with the on-roof panels, so you do not have to deal with additional weight on your roof.

• A better cost

When the in-roof solar panel system was first launched, it came with a more expensive cost. Since the technology is now more popular and there is more competition between different manufacturers, the system is less costly – and it comes with low maintenance as well.

• Perfect for new-build properties and roof-replacement projects

It can be said that in-roof systems are ideal for new-build properties as well as roof-replacement projects. The panels will be fitted alongside the roof’s actual tiles, meaning that your installers will have an easier time with the installation. Since the panels will be installed at the same time as your roof, you do not have to deal with the cost of replacements, and the installation process will be quicker as well.