When it comes to building new products, one of the most crucial parts of the process is prototyping. Building prototypes allows you to test the product for any defects before you spend millions of dollars manufacturing a bunch of them.

However, physical prototyping is certainly a fairly involved process in itself. Enter virtual prototyping. This method of product design prototyping has significant benefits that your manufacturing process could begin to realize today.

What is Virtual Prototyping?

Let’s first make sure that we understand what virtual prototyping is. The concept is fairly simple. A virtual prototype is one that is created digitally.

Typically, a CAD (computer-aided design) software is used to create a virtual prototype. These prototypes are created according to the constraints and materials provided by the design engineer.

What Are the Benefits of A Virtual Prototype?

So what are the benefits of virtual prototyping in comparison with regular, physical prototyping? Well, there are several.

First and foremost, virtual prototyping is far less expensive than building physical prototypes. With physical prototypes, you have to use small amounts of material that can result in significant waste if the prototype is not up to snuff.

You also need to set up your production line to produce small amounts of product. This can be a particularly expensive, involved process if your production line is currently set up to output a high number of products very quickly.


Compare this to the cost of building a virtual prototype. The only costs that you will realize are the expense of the software itself and the time spent coding the prototype.

The first cost is a fixed cost that you pay for only once, and the second cost is one that you’d probably pay for anyway with physical prototyping.

Thus, there is certainly a positive ROI on virtual prototyping.

Another benefit of this prototyping is that it can be shared globally. You don’t have to ship products all over the world. Instead, you can just email digital files and renderings of the products.

And don’t think that virtual prototyping is worthless because you can’t physically test the product. As it turns out, most software options that you purchase will also allow you to simulate the stress testing of the product in different environments.

All of this translates into lower costs and easier prototyping for you. To take a look at how virtual prototyping works in the real world, visit hidakausainc.com.

Improve Your Manufacturing Process with Virtual Prototyping

There you have it. Now that you know what virtual prototyping is and how it will benefit your manufacturing process, all that remains is for you to try it out in your plant today!

Take some time to shop around and find the right design software for your business’s needs. Pair that with a capable virtual designer, and you’ll be ready to start realizing the advantages of prototyping virtually.

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