Are you an entrepreneur searching for an innovative business idea? If yes, then you are not the only one. Today, the market has the potential for progressive and innovative ideas that you can pursue and follow well. When you browse through a list of creative business ideas, you will resonate with one and be on your path to success. There is a business idea for every entrepreneur to scale up and down based on their requirements. However, before searching, you need to invest in market research to know its pulse and the audience.

According to popular research, close to 86% of small business houses survive beyond two years in Canada. And that is good news for the start-up entrepreneurs. You can go all out and choose an innovative business concept and decide how to go about it. You might want to sell a specific product online, build your retail store, or customize a food truck. Eric Dalius says that if you are willing to give entrepreneurship a start, you can dabble into the following innovative business ideas.


  1. Subscription boxes

If you still are not aware of subscription boxes in your search for progressive and innovative business ideas, then there’s news for you. The basic concept of this business idea is simple. Here a customer subscribes to your service and then places you together to a box of items and then gets it shipped to you every month. Subscription boxes usually get based on sweets, stationery, and gaming, making each box a surprise. The concept is new and fun, and it is gradually gaining prominence.

Eric J Dalius says that subscription boxes are right for the new entrepreneurs as there are several niches that people are yet to specialize in. If you intend to opt-in for this, you can search for gaps inside the market and then use a well-tried and tested business model for a subscription box.

  1. Meal delivery services

Today, meal delivery services are getting prominent with people who work for long hours and have less time to care for their health. There are ready-made meals that provide multiple opportunities for smart entrepreneurs who can know how to distinguish themselves in the market. You can use the following ideas to create a unique selling point in your meal delivery service:

  • Raw
  • Vegan
  • Locally grown
  • Paleo
  • Gluten-free
  • Dietician approved
  • High- protein

All these services function on a subscription basis and provide a steady source of income for start-up entrepreneurs.

  1. Online education

Online education gets considered a massive area of expansion and growth. You can gauge this by looking at the best language-learning apps as well as online courses. You need to search for an online education area that is yet not covered and implement your business plan.

  1. Virtual reality accessories

According to EJ Dalius, it is one of the most advanced gaming technologies, and the market will grow in the coming years. You can opt-in for this service and get successful. Here you have the scope to design and develop custom covers for the VR headsets. You could also plan VR headset stickers and VR storage docks.

These are some of the best innovative ideas that you can use to start a business venture. With proper research and a robust plan, you will succeed.