Social life has come to a halt since the start of 2020. Coronavirus pandemic that started from china has stricken the whole world, and now people are confined to their homes. Even countries like the United Arab emirate, which were the hottest tourist destination, are now empty and lifeless. Such a situation is hitting humanity in numerous ways, and we need to find some solution.

The absence of routine life and social gatherings is not only affecting the economy but also the mental health and sanity of the public. Therefore, it is crucial to find a middle way of not contracting the virus and carrying on the routine activities of life, especially social events that are the sole way of cheering distressed humanity.


This article will help you explore the essential safety measures that should follow in your events in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

Top 5 Safety Steps you need to follow in Future Events

The world has faced a complete lockdown of almost two months. It has significantly contributed to limiting the virus. However, it has also increased the number of people having suicidal thoughts, making attempts, suffering from depression, and uncertainty. Living a confined life is nothing less than torture for the modern generation, so continuing with life events is inevitable.

The following are the top safety steps and practices that you need to follow in your future events, in order to provide safe entertainment to the depressed population.


1. Sanitize the Place and Equipment

Maintaining a clean atmosphere and staying tidy has always been preached by the health professionals in order to stay fit and healthy. However, paying attention to the concern is more important now than ever, as it can cost the lives of numerous people around you.

So, the very first safety step you need to follow in your event to prevent the spread of viruses is sanitizing your whole venue. You also need to pay close attention in terms of sanitization to all the equipment, instruments, and other supplies that will be in use, or even just in place. Clean and sanitize them thoroughly so that they do not transmit the virus to attendees.

Make sure you and your staff are wearing medical gloves for COVID-19, FDA-approved face masks, and other protective garments when cleaning and sanitizing the venue and equipment.

2. Utilize Signage to Create Awareness

Although the world population is aware of all the safety measures they need to follow in public, you have a special responsibility for communicating it. So, the second safety step essential for your event is utilizing the signage to create awareness.

It should include the apparent signs of suffering from the virus, so people can easily identify themselves and not join the event. Moreover, it should include precautionary measures to educate the public. You also need to include the signs to help people maintain a safe distance from each other.

3. Prepare for Emergency Situations

While you are preparing for a social gathering, it is only right that you stay well prepared for emergency situations as well. You need to be concerned about the safety of your staff and all the attendees so that you can ensure the provision of safety gear.

The safety gears should not be expensive and medically proven but helpful enough to save you from contamination. Moreover, you should check the apparent health and temperature of all the attendees. Do not forget to shortlist near hospitals and keep an ambulance on standby in case of emergency.

4. Install Hand Washing Stations

The most important safety step that you should never forget in your events until the complete eradication of the virus from the world is the installation of handwashing stations. On the other hand, installing them does not mean that you are done with your responsibility, but you also need to ensure the practice of social distancing.

To make it a little convenient for everybody, you can sprinkle disinfectant on the attendees, before they enter the venue. You can also provide them sanitizers and guide them to use the hand washing stations after every thirty to forty minutes to ensure their and other people’s safety.

5. Facilitate Crowd less Registration and Ticketing

One of the most crucial steps that you need to follow in your events now and in the future is to facilitate crowd less registration and ticketing process for the attendees. This is significantly important as it can spread, as well as containing the spread of the virus.

You can shift the whole process online. If it is adding to your hassles, you can always connect with the professionals. You can acquire the services of event companies in Dubai to facilitate the registration process, as well as ensure a smooth and efficient application of safety measures in your event.

Take care of the public’s mental health while prioritizing safety!


Confining the public to their homes is saving them from viruses but killing them in numerous other ways. Social events are essential to provide them a healthy break from routine and let them enjoy themselves. However, it does not mean that you can forego the safety precautions.

Organize safe events with the help of professionals and help the stressed public to restore their sanity and enjoy a bit from time to time.

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