When you want to buy or sell a property on Costa del Sol, to live in it, for holiday purposes or simply to have it as a good investment, the best thing to do is to always seek the support of a good real estate agency to help you make the best decisions. Fortunately, there are some very good real estate companies in the area with whom you can do excellent business.

Buying or selling a property has always been a rather complicated action, especially if you do not have the support of professional companies that help you get the fairest and most advantageous offers.

In addition, things get a little more complicated when it comes to locations with a high demand for real estate and tourism, such as Costa del Sol, where the procedures for buying and selling real estate for residential, tourist or investment purposes are quite high.

Fortunately, in this area there is an agency that specializes in buying and selling properties of all kinds, Homerun Brokers, a Marbella luxury real estate company with more than 65 years of experience and a team of dynamic real estate professionals.

This agency covers all residential areas in and around Marbella, offering not only traditional property sales and purchases, but also investment project management.

It has an extensive knowledge of all local market trends and its professionals are ready to help its clientele find a new residence, flat, holiday home or investment property.


Homerun Brokers takes care of all the necessary steps for its users, whether they are looking for a short term rental before deciding to buy, or looking for a retirement or holiday home. Their mission is to try to satisfy all the needs of their clients with personalized service and permanent advice.

With this agency you can find everything from premium villas to luxury flats, in the best residential areas of Marbella and surroundings. Their searches for properties are always personalized, according to the requirements of each client, in order to find exactly what each client requires.

To make the work more effective, the company works in collaboration with a vast network of brokers, agents and owners, and has access to an extensive portfolio of properties in various locations to suit all needs and budgets.

Finding apartments for sale Costa del Sol is easy and secure with this agency. Furthermore, through their practical and useful website, everything can be dealt with in a very simple way. Their advisors are always ready to answer any questions and resolve any concerns that may arise; try logging on to their web platform, and you can confirm it for yourself.

Why Homerun Brokers?

By contracting the services of Homerun Brokers, either to sell or to buy real estate, you obtain a series of advantages, which only with this agency can be achieved, among them:

  • In-depth knowledge of the market: this company is one of the most renowned on Costa del Sol, with extensive experience in the real estate business and a high level of knowledge of the area. Therefore, it always knows where to look, when to buy or sell, under what conditions to negotiate, everything about the sector, which gives it a wide advantage in favour of its clients, over the rest of the competition.
  • They find exactly what you want: when the client expresses exactly what they want, with the particular characteristics they want to see in the property they are looking to buy, the agency immediately activates its search teams to find the property that meets the requirements presented. They always find what is needed in record time.
  • The best prices: one of the main functions of these companies is to achieve the fairest prices for both the buyer and the seller, since the aim is that both parties are satisfied at the end of the transaction. That is why they are always looking for the best conditions and the best prices in all the properties they review and offer.
  • The best locations: this agency is known for offering flats, houses and villas in the most exclusive areas of Marbella and neighbouring towns, as it is always in constant search to maintain a stock always active and available to its customers.
  • Security and trust: to work with this company is to have peace of mind, with the assurance that you have the backing of a reliable company with an excellent reputation, so there will never be any problems or surprises of any kind.
  • Integral attention: it is not only about the attention in the purchase and sale or rental of real estate, the agency also takes care of all the necessary procedures and formalities to formalize the corresponding transactions, before the competent legal bodies and with the speed that each case deserves.

They do everything so that both the buyer and the seller do not have to bother with paperwork and tedious procedures. For this purpose, the company has specialized staff in this area who take care of all the necessary paperwork.


Why buy on Costa del Sol?

If you are thinking of buying a property on Costa del Sol, it is because you have surely already considered some of the following aspects, which are so popular and which form part of its attractions:

  • Beautiful tourist destination: both Marbella and the rest of the towns that make up Costa del Sol, are of high tourist vocation, everything revolves around the attention of visitors and tourists who come at all times of the year.
  • Excellent climate: the sun is out most of the year, so the climate is quite pleasant and beneficial for your health.
  • Thriving economy: this region of Spain is one of the most prosperous and stable in the Iberian Peninsula, so investing in property is an exceptional business that is always appreciating in value.
  • Variety of options for a good time: Costa del Sol is a lively area for leisure and entertainment, not only for its beautiful beaches, but also for its extensive network of services in different areas, including gastronomy, fun and entertainment centres.