Government assistance comes in many forms to aid with people’s finances.

One form is supplemental security income. Known to be the only income for over half of its recipients, it helps people survive. But what exactly is it and how can it be claimed?

Keep reading to find out more information on supplemental security income.

What Is Supplemental Security Income?

Supplemental security income is a federal income supplement that provides monthly assistance to the disabled, elderly, and those with little to no income. It’s funded by general taxes and administered by the Social Security office and considered a disability benefit.

What is Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and How Do I Claim It

An application process is required for those looking to receive the income.

The Difference Between Supplemental Security Income and Social Security

The two may have similar names and come from the same office, but they serve two completely different functions.

Supplemental security income benefits have nothing to do with your work history. It is solely based on the qualifications above. If you can prove that you or someone you care for fits into one of the categories, then you can receive the payments.

Social Security on the other hand is directly tied to your employment. It’s a retirement benefit based on how long you’ve worked. Taxes are taken out of every paycheck for this purpose and once you’re ready to retire you must apply to receive your benefits.

Think of social security as entitled income and supplemental security as support income.

Application Process

There’s an extensive process applicants must go through in order to receive their supplemental security benefits.

There are standard requirements you must meet but make sure to research how to apply for supplemental security income in your state before beginning the process. You can apply either online, by phone, or in-person and need to have applicable documents on hand for verification purposes.


The application process is long and can take three to four months to complete. This is because in-depth research needs to support claims in order to avoid fraud. Once you submit your application, the vetting process begins and medical records, employment history, and disability status are under review.

After you’re approved, you will start receiving your funds which are based on the federal benefits rate. Under this program, individuals will receive $783 and couples will receive $1,175.

Supplemental Funds Save Lives

Medical bills and living expenses add up very quickly and can bring a lot of stress into your life. The supplemental security income benefit works to bring some relief and ultimately save people’s lives.

Government assistance is available for people to receive but can be complicated to understand. We hope that our explanations gave you some clarity on what supplemental security income is and how to claim it. It may be a long process, but it can wind up changing you and your family’s life in the long run and that makes it worth the hard work.

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