Your trucking company cannot thrive without effective fleet management. Logistics is a demanding industry that relies on many factors, such as truck maintenance, driver management, client relations, government compliance, and safety concerns. Today’s technology has made fleet management easier and streamlined many necessary processes. A fleet dash cam is one of these essential tech tools. It is a multi-faceted device that improves most aspects of the trucking industry.

What is a fleet dash cam?

fleet dash cam

A fleet dash cam is a video camera that continuously records whenever the truck is running. You can purchase models that are road-facing only, providing views of the surrounding road – front, back, and sides. Driving safety is automatically increased by this enhanced visibility. You may also opt for driver-facing cams meant to identify unsafe driving behaviors such as eating, drinking, phone use, etc. The camera can be programmed to instantly alert the driver to correct unsafe behavior.

Although some drivers are concerned about privacy issues, the cameras work to protect them in case of unfair accident claims, unsafe truck conditions, and dangerous passenger vehicles. When used respectfully, it can protect the driver’s rights while making their job easier.

Key fleet management benefits

Fleet dash cams offer your company valuable management benefits that increase efficiency and profits. These benefits include:

Coaching your drivers to increase safety

A driver-facing cam does allow you to observe your employee’s behavior. The purpose of the cam is not to punish the driver when they make a mistake but to provide opportunities to coach them. You can alert them to potential safety issues and suggest more efficient driving practices. This ability takes fleet management to a new level by correcting problems as they arise.

Lowering insurance premiums and the cost of claims

Trucking insurance, like most policy types, has risen significantly in recent years. According to the American Transportation Research Institute, premium costs per mile have risen 47% in the last decade, up to $.87 per mile. This amount reflects a growing rate of accidents and simple inflation.

A fleet dash cam helps you lower these rates in several ways. You can protect your company from false claims because you have recorded exactly what happened. You will have proof for the insurance companies about road conditions, the other vehicle, and your driver’s actions. As a result, you will be filing fewer claims and seeing lower premiums.

Also, you can use the live stream feature to help your driver through difficult situations, including the aftermath of accidents or problematic road conditions. Your driver always has backup.

Protecting drivers against false or incorrect claims

Your drivers are your biggest resource, so you need to take care of them. A fleet dash cam protects your drivers against false claims. Truck drivers are often the target of invalid accusations simply because they make a good target. Big truck +big company = big bucks. Some bad actors may make a claim against the driver simply for a possible payout. The dash fleet cam ensures that your drivers won’t suffer from incorrect claims. You will have everything recorded.

Enhance fleet efficiency

You can improve the efficiency of your entire fleet by better managing the location of your trucks, their rate of travel, and maintenance issues. You can instantly be in touch with your driver, which prevents confusion and lost time. And the GPS ensures that you always know exactly where your vehicles are, even when they are deep in an isolated area. You are never out of touch.

Gain full visibility into critical events

Accidents are not the only critical events on the road. Your drivers may be slammed by poor weather conditions, extensive road repairs, maintenance problems, and other dangerous obstacles. When these events occur, you can use the live stream to aid the driver, or you can use the recorded footage to analyze where things went wrong. With a dash cam, you are never reduced to guesswork.

Final thoughts

The fleet dash cam is an essential tool for today’s fleet management. It eliminates many obstacles to safety and efficiency that often plague both managers and owners. You can choose the features you want, such as road-facing cams, driver-facing cams, or both. With this device, you can get an in-depth view in real time of a truck’s operation.

Your drivers benefit as well from increased safety and protection from false claims. In every way, a dash cam improves fleet management.