Get Good at Banking: How to Become a Bank Manager

Bank Manager

The number of bank branches in the U.S. is shrinking right now. According to a report released a couple of years ago, the total number was expected to decline by up to 20% between 2017 and 2022.

But if you love working with people and helping them manage their money, there is still plenty of room for you in the banking industry. You should figure out how to become a bank manager and pursue your passion for banking.

Becoming a bank manager isn’t as simple as heading down to your local bank and applying for a position, though. You need to take a very specific series of steps to break into the banking industry.

Here are the steps you’re going to need to follow to launch a successful career as a bank manager at one of the many banks scattered throughout the country.

Begin by Learning About What a Bank Manager Does

Before you set out to learn how to become a bank manager, it’s important that you know what a bank manager actually does. It’s a lot more complicated than most people realize.

When you’re a bank manager, you’ll be in charge of holding staff meetings every morning to go over important banking information. You’ll also be in charge of dealing directly with bank customers, especially when they don’t feel like they’re getting the best banking customer experience.

Additionally, you’ll be asked to approve large withdrawals and loans. You’ll have to meet with other managers on a regular basis, too, to ensure everything at your bank continues to run smoothly.

Working as a bank manager can be a physically and mentally exhausting job. It’s important for you to make sure you’re up for the challenge before you start trying to become one.

Go to School and Obtain a Bachelor’s Degree

It’s pretty much impossible to work your way up to being a bank manager without having a formal education in banking. Bank managers usually have at least a bachelor’s degree, and in many cases, they’ll make themselves more attractive to employers by getting a master’s degree.

You should go to school and major in finance, accounting, business, or a similar major if your plan is to become a bank manager. You should also take courses in marketing and communication so that you’re prepared for your life as a bank manager.

Take Online Courses Specific to the Banking Industry

Once you’re equipped with a bachelor’s degree in one of the aforementioned majors, you can start applying to jobs at banks. But to increase your chances of landing a job, you should think about taking online courses that are specific to the banking industry.

Organizations like the Banking Administration Institute and the American Bankers Association offer courses that are designed specifically for those who want to work as bank managers. Taking them will give you a leg up on your competition.

Spend Time Working at a Bank

It’s very rare for someone straight out of college with no real-world experience to get hired as a bank manager. Unless you’re applying for a management position in a super small town, you’ll have next to no chance of getting hired as a bank manager right after graduating from school.

Instead, you’ll often have to apply for entry-level and junior positions at a bank. It’s good to start off as a teller or a loan officer at a bank so that you can gain the necessary experience over time.


The position that you take at a bank isn’t all that important. What’s important is that you get your foot in the door at a bank and begin gaining experience so that you can slowly work your up over time.

Start to Move Up Through the Ranks at Your Bank

When you land a job at a bank, you should take that job very seriously if you aspire to be a bank manager one day. It doesn’t matter if you’re a teller, a loan officer, or something else. You should work hard to show how proficient you are at your job.

Over the months and years, your superiors will start to take notice. They’ll see how good you are at what you do, and they’ll push you to apply for higher positions within your bank.

Apply for these jobs and continue to show others that you’re someone that can be trusted to do a great job each and every day. Pretend you’re auditioning for a bank manager position whenever you’re at work, and you’ll notice that others will come to trust you more and more.

Moving up the ranks at a bank is the only way you’re really going to land a job as a bank manager. It’s why you should bring your A-game every day and demonstrate what you can do.

Participate in Bank Management Programs

Many banks realize that they have employees working for them who want to be bank managers one day. As a result, they’ve set up in-house bank management programs that help teach employees what they need to know to work as a bank manager.

Take full advantage of these programs if you can! It might require some extra work on your part, but it’ll be well worth it in the end. It’ll illustrate your commitment to becoming a bank manager and push your name to the top of the list when a bank manager position opens up.

Find Out How to Become a Bank Manager at Your Bank

If you’re working at a bank right now and want to become the manager of it one day, don’t be afraid to ask your supervisors how you can make that possible. Learn how to become a bank manager at your specific bank.

This will help you draw up a road map for your career. It’ll also let the people you work for know that you’re interested in doing more than what you’re doing now. This will put you on the right path and help you make your banking dreams come true.

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