Security awareness is a hot button issue in the modern workplace. The threats are many and varied, from theft to violence to work disruption. However, with the right tools and a strategic approach, it’s not hard to implement effective security protocols that will keep both staff and property safe.

These are some of the tools and strategies you can implement a more effective security system using ID cards at work.

Invest in a Plastic ID Card Printer

Photo ID cards are the bedrock of a workplace security system. At their most basic, they provide visual identification for coworkers or security guards. That’s a good start when you want to make sure no one is walking on-site who shouldn’t be there. You can also provide custom lanyards that distinguish visitors from staff, including delivery people.

A more advanced system includes magnetic locks that can be opened by swiping an access card. Not only does this reduce the incidence of tailgating (where an unauthorized person slips through a door directly behind someone), it also allows managers to track when employees move through checkpoints and who goes where.

It’s an added layer of security that helps you control movement and access. You can also integrate photo ID cards with time tracking for both payroll and productivity monitoring.

Create a Guide to Protecting ID Cards

Once you make photo ID cards, make sure employees know how to take care of them. If you’ve ever had a card break or demagnetize on you, you know that it’s an irritating, time-consuming task to replace it. In order to avoid damaging magnetic swipe cards, there are a few simple things employees can do:

● Don’t store them in a wallet back-to-back with another magnetic swipe card, such as a debit or credit card;
● Don’t keep cards loose in your pocket or purse, as keys and other loose objects can scratch or otherwise damage the stripe;
● Use a protective sleeve for the card;
● Use better-quality hi-coercivity cards when you print them.


Enhance Your Security Practices

With the addition of magnetic ribbon ID cards, you can do a lot to enhance the security of your premises. They allow you to introduce security entrances that only permit access with the right card. Security entrances can go a long way toward protecting business continuity from disruption and productivity.

There are always news stories about unexpected events disrupting the workplace and interrupting the workday. From protests to intruders, workplaces of all kinds are at risk of disruption, emergency shut down, and more.

Even if security entrances are not necessary for your business, some elements of your facilities may need to be restricted to a job or seniority. ID cards allow you to create several layers of access. To improve security, you can also print cards daily with new passcode information.

Enhanced security practices are one of the most important benefits of introducing an access card system. ID cards can quickly and affordably upgrade your workplace security system.