As a business owner in Wabash County, Indiana, your list of responsibilities is long. Every day, it is up to you to make decisions about personnel, business resources, goals, finances, software tools, product lines, customer service practices, and more that will impact the future of the company. That is a lot of weight on one pair of shoulders.

Another consideration that can weigh you down is the status of the work environment. Employees who feel comfortable in their workspace are more likely to be productive and happy with their jobs. Happier and more productive workers mean a more successful business.

Since you have so many other things to worry about, the work environment shouldn’t be one of them. That is why this article is designed to help you improve the work environment to create a better internal culture that increases productivity. Here are a few steps you might consider taking.

Add an Outdoor Patio

Being stuck inside a building all day with little exposure to fresh air and sunlight is not great for the mental and physical health of your employees. While they may get a lunch break in the middle of the day, a modest break room is not the most enthralling space to relax in.

To better support your employees, perhaps it is time to put in a large outdoor patio where employees can enjoy lunch breaks in the fresh air. It could also be a good spot for team meetings on a nice day or bonding activities.

The space should be large enough to accommodate gatherings of varying group sizes, which might require the aid of a concrete pumping service to lay the foundation. Seating options like picnic tables or benches should be numerous, and you can improve the atmosphere with gardens or small trees surrounding the area.


Put in Glass Walls/Partitions

Openness and transparency are two characteristics of your business that you can foster with interior design. Employees who feel that they can access managers and executives will feel more comfortable in their roles while still understanding the hierarchy of the company. An open office space that feels connected can support this type of atmosphere. One way to accomplish this is by replacing solid walls and partitions with glass.

This makes the space feel larger and more open, but it can also allow natural light to permeate the building further, boosting the mood of everyone inside. Plus, if employees on the main floor can somewhat see into the offices of their superiors, it makes them seem more accessible and approachable.

Update Safety Practices

Employees are not going to be comfortable and productive if they feel unsafe. Putting them at ease by updating your safety practices can go a long way in fostering their trust in the company.

For example, you could request a fire risk audit or assessment to see if the building is as safe as possible from potential fire hazards. An upgrade to the security locks on doors leading into the building can make everyone feel safer during the workday. Surveillance cameras in more secluded spots can serve as a preventative measure against potential incidents.

Safety training on new equipment should always be a priority, especially if that equipment changes or is updated. Prioritizing safety will reassure your employees and any customers who enter the building that you value their lives and their comfort.

Invest in Energy Efficiency

Company culture is not the only reason to make improvements to the work environment. There can also be financial implications for certain upgrades. The larger your workspace, the higher your utility bills are.

If you own the building, then you have the freedom to make improvements that will cut down on utility costs. For example, you could install more energy-efficient windows to cut down on HVAC costs.

Putting solar panels on the roof will be expensive at first, but the federal tax break and long-term savings from solar panels on energy needs can make up for it. A new HVAC system can also be a great investment since updated models consume fewer resources while running. The right energy-efficient upgrades can make your work environment more functional while saving money in the long run.

A Better Work Environment is Desirable to Employees

Any improvement that you make to the work environment can have lasting effects that promote a better future for the brand. Current employees may feel more comfortable in their workspace, allowing them to be more productive. Accessibility and openness can be prioritized, improving the relationship between managers and the managed.

A more positive environment can also be used to attract new talent when positions open up, or new roles are created. The more you improve the work environment for your Wabash County business, the happier your employees will be, resulting in a more productive company.