When dealing with woodworks, especially in water, the choice of tools to use is important. You will need wood screwdrivers when constructing a boat for instance. There is a wide range of screws that you can choose from. From silicon bronze to stainless steel. However, many marine professionals prefer bronze to stainless steel. Silicon bronze is a brass alloy with some added amount of silicon. Stainless steel is chromium, containing an alloy of iron. When choosing the screws for your project, there are definitely specific features and properties you will consider. One of them is the material that will determine the quality.  Below are some of the reasons why silicon bronze screws are better than stainless steel.

Resistance to Corrosion

Silicon bronze wood screws are best for wet and high heat environments where rust and corrosion are dominant. They are specifically designed with partial threading and a smooth shank. The added Silicon is what resists corrosion. This property is ideal for fastening multiple kinds of wood. Stainless steel is prone to rust and corrosion if exposed to saline and a moist environment. Exposure to prolonged high heat environments and grease also causes it to corrode. This is one reason why silicon wood screws are better than stainless steel.

Durability and Sustainability

Silicon bronze has high tensile strength as compared to stainless steel. This makes the bronze screws more dense and durable than the latter. Silicon bronze screws are more aesthetic and of high quality. They are long-lasting and sturdy compared to stainless steel. Most woodcrafts prefer silicon bronze wood screws. If you are looking for an option to hold big things such as boats, furniture, and big pieces of equipment, silicon bronze screws are the way to go. The durability of silicon bronze allows you to keep it in your home as a handy tool as it is not prone to rust or any damage.


Thermal Conductivity Property

Silicon bronze has a higher degree of thermal conductivity compared to stainless steel. This means that they conduct heat and electricity better than stainless steel and other metal alloys. It is this property that makes bronze screws useful in electronic components. Bronze screws are readily weldable, joinable, and soldered. This means that old and worn-out silicon bronze Screws can be easily recycled to make new products. Silicon bronze also has a higher density than stainless steel.  They are also easily cast. Generally, silicon bronze is easier to change foam than stainless steel.

Outstanding Friction Reduction

Bronze is an alloy that contains lead. Lead and silicon act as lubricants in silicon bronze tools. This provides durable, friction and abrasion-resistant wood screws. This leads to low surface energy requirements. In addition, it reduces sticking, gaggling, and wear problems. It also creates a non-porous surface so the wood being worked on cannot be picked. The results are clean and standard. This is one outstanding reason why silicon bronze wood screws are better than stainless steel.

Prolonged Life span

Silicon bronze has a longer lifespan as compared to stainless steel. They have a high tolerance to cycle loading as well as fatigue-induced stress. The bronze–silicon alloy is hard and strong hence resisting wear and tear. However, in the event of the alloys breaking, it shows signs like elongated holes, bends, and twists. These signs alert the user the wood screws need to be replaced.  This is contrary to stainless steel which is prone to wear and tear. Silicon bronze has high resistance Woodcrafts also prefer silicon bronze screws as it is one of the best-looking copper alloys.

Shape and Size

Silicon bronze wood screws have a shank diameter that is the same size as the outside of the thread. That means that your clearance hole will be completely filled, creating a waterproof seal. Full-bodied screws are made from full-bodied wire, meaning they are stronger when they drive in and when they hold. Silicon bronze wood screws have cut threads and not rolled and also have sharper threads. Screws with rolled threads are likely to twist and break while driving in. This leads to compromised fasteners being left in the project unnoticed.

Multipurpose Use and Application

Due to their outstanding properties, silicon bronze wood screws have many applications. They are used in the marine industry in boat construction. They are also commonly applied in general construction, refineries, and the power and energy industry. This is especially due to its hardness and durability. Bronze is more suited to saline environments or areas with extreme weather conditions compared to stainless steel. It is also uniquely suited to projects exposed to sewage and gases. For this reason, silicon bronze wood screws are the best choice for your outdoor projects and decks. Its formability and aesthetic nature allow it to have many applications in architectural functions.

It is important to understand the different materials of wood screws in the market. Now that you know the benefits of purchasing a silicon bronze wood screw vs stainless steel, it is easier for you to decide on which way to go. It is important to know the environment in which you are working. Good materials and tools will amount to the quality outcome of your woodwork.