The three most used material for parking lot striping and pavement marking are cold solvent paint, thermoplastic paint, and marking tapes. While paints were common for the longest time, tape for asphalt has now become a widely used material for pavement marking because of its various advantages.

Pavement marking tapes for asphalt have two categories – permanent and temporary tapes. You will come to know here about every benefit of tape for asphalt, along with a detailed guide for selecting the right one for you.

Importance of Pavement Marking Tapes

Workers’ safety and security are one of the top priorities for any construction company. Their next lookout is creating easily comprehensible layouts to follow traffic. So pavement marking not only helps make easy-to-understand layouts for traffic, it contributes to reducing the chances of unwanted accidents.

As pavement marking serves as one of the essential safety measures, construction companies do not compromise on it. With the advent of marking tapes for asphalt, the whole game has changed entirely. Before tapes, your only options were thermoplastic and cold solvent paint which needed more time, money, and effort. Marking with paints is not a one-day job; plus, the durability and replacement depend upon foreign materials used to add to the paint.

But on the other hand, tape for asphalt is easy, cheap, time-saving, and adaptable to durability according to preference. These marking tapes prove to be an excellent tool for safety precautions too. Cutting down on the accidents, making the work zone a safer place, and fulfilling the purpose of being an efficient pavement marking, you can achieve material by using tapes for asphalt. That’s why they are now common around the world for most asphalt construction.

Temporary Marking Tapes vs. Permanent Marking Tapes

Temporary removable takes and permanent tapes help to address different problems. The two categories, with their respective advantages, are discussed in detail below.


Temporary Removable Marking Tapes –

Temporary removable marking tapes for asphalt are a very efficient and helpful way for making clear-cut traffic control plans. They are great for providing defined and accurate driving paths to drivers and travelers throughout and within the work areas.

They help direct traffic in a particular area where construction is going on. Temporary Marking tapes include a unique pressure-sensitive technology, which makes them securely attached to concrete or asphalt.

These removable tapes for asphalt come with hassle-free removal also. One doesn’t need to use any heating or dedicated equipment. Therefore, removable tapes guarantee zero damage to the roads.

Benefits of using Temporary Tapes –

There are various benefits of using Temporary removable tapes for asphalt. The main advantages are listed below.

● Accurate Traffic Layout

Removable tapes serve as one of the significant elements for directing traffic. They are precise in guiding traffic safely within and throughout the construction area.

● Quick Application

Temporary tapes are extremely quick to apply. Hence, one can open traffic the minute after sticking tapes to the area is finished.

● Secure Bond

Temporary pavement marking tapes for asphalt stick to the surface with a particular pressure-sensitive bond makes the adhesive backing evenly stick to asphalt or concrete, ensuring a secured bond.

● Hassle-free Removal

No need for specialized tools or heating equipment is there while removing temporary tapes. Remove as soon as the need is over. They are manually removed in significant sections, causing zero damage to the road.

Permanent Marking Tapes –

Significant uses of permanent Marking Tapes are in streets, pedestrian crosswalks, highways, and intersections. They are far from being just a short-term solution. They serve as long-term and durable pavement marking fixes.


Permanent Marking Tapes for asphalt do not need a certain amount of time for setting to the ground and drying. As soon as the application finishes, you can open traffic. They come with unique peel-resistant technology, therefore justifying the name of being a permanent marking solution.

Benefits of using Permanent Marking Tapes –

● Long-term pavement marking

Permanent Marking Tapes are for long-lasting use. That’s why they use it in busy streets, highways, and intersections where the traffic is usually on the higher side.

● Long-lasting Adhesion

Permanent Marking Tape for asphalt has peel-resistant technology. So that’s why they stick to the ground for years.

● Easy installation and removal

Installing permanent Marking Tapes is an easy task. So as the removal of it is. It saves time, money, and energy.

● Environment-friendly, High-Retro Reflective material

Permanent tapes are very reflective on the surface. Additionally, they cause minimal damage to the environment as compared to the marking paints.

Disadvantages of tapes for asphalt –

Despite the immense use of pavement marking tapes for asphalt, they come with some drawbacks. The high initial cost is undoubtedly one of the vital drawbacks of both temporary removable tapes and permanent marking tapes. Another crucial and last disadvantage of pavement marking tapes for asphalt is that they will not suit old or crooked roads. Marking tapes will not stick very well to the old and poor roads, with less even surface area.

Final Words

Every construction material comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. There are some disadvantages of pavement marking tapes for asphalt also as mentioned in the article. Still, the advantages section is visibly heavier than the setback one. They are quick to install, durable, retro-reflective, just like paint, and hassle-free. Many companies which make pavement marking tapes include various signs on the tapes also. So they can fulfill more purposes in efficiently directing traffic and ensuring maximum safety in the construction zone.