Automatic doors are no longer only used in industry, but now occupy more environments, including residential ones. To obtain all the benefits of these accesses, it is necessary to work with a company of trajectory such as Erreka, leader in the United Kingdom for its high quality standards and excellent service.

For some time now, automatic doors have been used in the industrial sector, however, this use has been extending to other sectors due to all the advantages that this type of access has.

It is no longer only in industries where automatic doors are frequently seen, now it is common to find them in shopping centres, offices, corporations, institutions, health centres and even in residential complexes.

Among the benefits of using automatic doors is that it makes the flow of people in crowded places or places with limited space more fluid. In addition, it makes it possible to increase the potential audience and optimizes access to spaces for people with disabilities.

When the use of an automatic door is preferred, one of the advantages is a significant reduction in energy bills, as well as contributing to maintaining permanent climate control in the space to which such a door provides access. On the other hand, when a door breaks down, it can cause traffic to your building. To avoid this, you can try reaching out to automatic door services.

To obtain all benefits, it is essential to have the service of a company with a proven track record in manufacturing and installation of automatic doors.

A brand of great reference in this sector is undoubtedly Erreka, a specialist in the design and manufacture of this type of doors and other accesses, which it develops in its factory based in Bristol, England.

Erreka, quality and good service


Erreka has established itself as one of the best automatic door suppliers, in fact it is one of the leading brands in the UK, both in this type of doors and in made-to-measure shop window solutions.

The access solutions designed and manufactured by Erreka range from automatic sliding, swing and hinged doors that have been designed to reduce energy consumption, optimize access and thereby increase and streamline foot traffic, even in small spaces. It also offers a design and manufacturing service for steel fire exit doors and aluminium doors.

Leading automatic door supplier Erreka also offers a door installation service and an affordable supply service through its online trade counter, which delivers all automatic door parts and accessories within 24 hours in the UK.

Erreka are proud to offer automatic doors of the highest quality standards and adaptable to all requirements, for example: access control by card entry, keypad entry, contactless entry and more. 

In addition, it offers its customers complete installation of its mechanisms with a two-year guarantee for total peace of mind. Its products comply with current legislation, including EN 16005, which is the European standard for ensuring the safety of automatic doors for pedestrian use, and the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

As a company that meets the strictest quality standards, Erreka is a member of the Association of Automatic Door Suppliers (ASDA).

All automatic doors manufactured by Erreka have a silver anodized finish as standard, although there is the option of a powder coated finish for any colour. In addition to the automatic doors, the company is able to incorporate complete partitions, which it manufactures using the aluminium extrusion process.

More advantages of automatic doors

sliding door

When you have an experienced company like Erreka, you can take full advantage of the benefits of an automatic door. With such an access it is much easier for people carrying heavy loads, e.g. shopping bags, luggage, heavy equipment, trolleys and more.

They are very versatile doors that receive a wide range of configurations for their operation, depending on the needs of the place where they are to be installed.

The fact that they are automatic means that people moving around the site do not come into physical contact with the door, which helps to minimize the spread of viruses and bacteria. Undoubtedly, this advantage is very important in current situations such as the Covid-19 pandemic.