Keeping your facilities clean is more than just a matter of keeping up appearances. A properly cleaned workspace is a safer workspace, as well as a space that elicits pride and respect in your employees. When you are looking for the right equipment to keep a commercial space clean, there are a number of important factors you will want to consider.

Types of Cleaning Jobs/Flooring Materials

If you’re looking for industrial cleaning equipment, you must have some heavy-duty cleaning to do! In the spirit of keeping first things first, you need to think about the specifics of the cleaning tasks that need to be done. This includes thinking about the materials and finishes of the surfaces to be cleaned; are they wooden, concrete, porcelain, or some composite material?

You must also consider how difficult your cleaning tasks may be. If your janitorial needs will often include substances or surfaces that are hard to clean, you may need more specialized machines to handle those jobs. If you have a job too big and dirty for a couple of employees with brooms and mops, you may need a walk-behind sweeper. If your manual equipment is struggling to do the job, it may be time to upgrade to a powered version.

Another factor to account for is the size of the areas to be cleaned. Bigger areas will likely require bigger tools, while a confined space may not accommodate large machines. Finally, do you have a preference or requirement for certain types of cleaners? Perhaps your difficult clean-ups require strong solvents, or maybe you prefer the eco-friendly products as commercial floor scrubbers. You will want to ensure that any cleaning tools or equipment you are considering will be compatible with the specific cleaning fluids you want to use.


Frequency of Cleaning

The type of business you do will determine how often different cleaning tasks need to be done. Other than basic daily housekeeping, your business may periodically expose your work areas to grease and oil, mud, solvents, or other dirty or damaging substances. Failure to clean up big messes or harsh chemicals can easily ruin the finishes on floors and walls, degrading the appearance of your business. More importantly, they could also pose a safety hazard to personnel working or just walking in that space if not cleaned up immediately. You are the best judge of how frequently your business will need to tackle significant cleaning challenges, and you should take into account how costly it may be to have inadequate equipment and be unprepared for these tough jobs.

Cost-cutting vs. Cost-efficiency

When buying industrial cleaning equipment for your business, budget is always going to be one of the most important determining factors. The cash you can afford to spend could make the difference between whether you purchase a cleaning machine or keep relying on your old tools. However, don’t let excessive cost-consciousness cause you to overlook the return on investment you may get from purchasing new cleaning equipment.  One person with a walk-behind sweeper can do the work of multiple staff using old, inefficient push brooms. Investing in quality equipment that gets a job done faster and more thoroughly can be worth the initial outlay and may pay for itself faster than you think.

Ease of Use and Employee Training

Not all janitorial equipment is created equal, and the ease of use is one of the differences that can really matter. The greatest product in the world may suddenly seem not so great if your people can’t use it effectively and safely. You will want to take into consideration the level of experience your cleaning personnel has with similar types of equipment and how much time you can afford to put into training. Ideally, the manufacturer or distributor will help remove this obstacle by providing easily understood instructions, or possibly even training videos for their products. The right cleaning machine for you is the one that not only does the jobs you need to be done, but also makes those jobs as easy and efficient as possible to do.

Professional-grade cleaning equipment can be a significant investment for your business, hopefully, one that will continue to serve you for years to come. Choosing the right equipment depends on careful thought rather than luck. If you take time to plan for your unique cleaning needs and limitations, you can make that investment with confidence.