In recent years, the construction industry has been learning how professionals can provide for their communities while remaining environmentally friendly.

This eco-conscious mindset is more than just a fad. In fact, expert statisticians predict that the green building movement is set to be one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide, currently starting with services like a review of environmental factors in NSW. So, how does this affect sheet piling, and why does it matter?

In the last 40 years, the United States has withstood 258 weather and climate disasters, with a total damage control cost exceeding $1 billion. Experts in sheet piling have created mechanical innovations that can stop floodwaters, storm surge, landslides, and more, preventing damage to American homes and businesses from weather and climate disasters.

These days, Americans crave energy-efficient innovation in every aspect of their lives,  standing by a moral conviction to be more environmentally friendly in their homes, businesses, and daily practices. Let’s discuss how the construction industry has furthered its commitment to “go green” by innovating a more eco-conscious approach to sheet piling with press-in piling technology.

What Is Press-In Piling + Why Does It Matter?

In sheet piling, steel sheets are inserted into the ground to create an interlocking protective barrier that prevents flooding, landslides, and preserves and retains soil. It’s essentially a barrier wall installed by construction companies to protect homes and businesses from damage in the event of an untimely disaster from Mother Nature.

Press-In piling is a special innovation in sheet piling technology. The press-in method installs piles that are pre-formed using the latest press-in piling equipment, like the technologically advanced Giken Silent Piler. Did you know that a sheet piling installation can last for up to 75 years? This is why it’s considered a permanent solution and preferable to other methods.


The Giken Silent Piler and other press-in piling machinery matter to the construction industry and your community because it provides an eco-friendly alternative that protects the environment while protecting your city from potentially hazardous flooding or storm surge.

What Makes This Innovation Environmentally Friendly?

Let’s dive further into how press-in piling is an environmentally friendly approach, and why it matters to the construction industry and your community.

1. It’s Quiet For Minimal Disturbance

There are two types of sheet pile installation methods: dynamic and static. With dynamic penetration, the machines rely on vibratory and percussive energy to drive the piles into the ground, creating extra noise that can bother both your animal and human neighbors.

The press-in piling approach is static, meaning the piles are driven into the ground by use of the machine’s hydraulic force. This creates a much quieter construction experience that inflicts minimal damage and noise pollution.

2. It Is Non-Vibrational + Less Invasive

As mentioned above, the dynamic penetration method uses vibration and percussion to noisily drive the sheet piles into the ground.

With press-in piling, you’re choosing a non-vibrational option that is more efficient and less invasive to the surrounding areas. There is also less risk of construction pollution, as the vibrational actions of dynamic sheet pile installation can kick up additional dust, dirt, and rubble that disturbs the environment.

3. It’s Superior In Terms Of Safety

Choosing press-in piling is more environmentally friendly as it prioritizes the safety of plants, animals, and humans in the surrounding area. The rig itself is more stable, and less likely to topple over during construction operations. You can install sheet piles with peace of mind that safety is prioritized and the machines will not overturn.

4. It’s Compact + Creates A Smaller Footprint

The press-in piling machines are more compact, taking up less space and disturbing less of the ecosystem during construction. They are also lighter and easier to maneuver, so a machine like the Silent Piler is likely to get the job done faster, leaving less of a footprint in the area and creating less of an overall disturbance.



If you’re interested in learning more or looking to install sheet piles to protect your home or business, contact a construction company that specializes in the latest press-in piling technology to protect your assets while protecting the environment.