Concrete drilling is a process of core drilling for making precise holes in concrete walls or floors. You can also do it on paved surfaces or structures. This service is very high in demand in commercial infrastructure.

There are several reasons to put a hole in the concrete wall or floor, because of it you require the drilling operation. The task can vary according to the need, such as plumbing, wiring, and other similar works.

You need the correct equipment for the concrete cutting and drilling work. You need to take care of your equipment from time to time to get effective results from your work. During work, a driller or worker develops some of the bad habits that might be dangerous.

6 Most Common Bad Habits

Here are a few of the most common bad habits of diamond drillers while concrete cutting. You need to understand these and make sure that this won’t happen to you. The bad habits are as follows:

Not Having Enough Patience

It is one of the worst habits of drillers, which is a lack of patience. It can even make the best things worse. Getting things completed in the shortest span of time is not the only solution; you need to make things right in the shortest span of time.

You need to devote yourself entirely to work to generate the best results. Doing work in a hurry can lead to mistakes that can even cost more to you. Therefore, you need to take care of this thing first.

Not Having an Open Mind

When a driller works for four to five years, he has some personal ways of doing the work developed during that duration. Sometimes, new products or equipment can provide better results, but they refuse to do that.

That is why they need an open mind to do their best with the use of technology and minimal effort. You can even achieve the best results with lower efforts by using the latest tools and equipment for work.


Not Recording and Maintaining Information

You need to maintain a proper record of your shift. Mention all the necessary things such as time and other essential items. You should note every positive and negative experience of your shift.

The best thing you can do is to share it with other drillers in London so that you can save their bad experiences. All the positive and negative experiences need to be communicated to get the best results from your concrete cutting and other tasks.

Not Lubricating Enough

Proper lubrication is necessary when you are using your drill for concrete cutting or any other task. Lubrication is essential because the machine has a variety of moving parts that depend on the performance of each other.

There are different lubricating points on the machine so that you do not need to open it for pouring lubricant. Therefore, make sure that you are lubricating your drill from time to time to get the best performance each time.

Not Performing Regular Maintenance

You need to spend some time and money on your equipment to achieve optimum performance with your efforts. Because if maintenance is not done from time to time, it might lead to the failure of the equipment.

Therefore, give some time to your equipment maintenance to get adequate performance during concrete cutting or any other task.


Not Listening to the Drill

The sound of the drill says a lot; if you are an excellent driller, you can listen to it. It is one of the best ways to feel the performance of the equipment. Whether you are doing concrete cutting or any other task, you need to pay attention to the sound of the drill.

It is like a hint that there is some requirement in your drill or not. You can rectify the error even before the failure of the machine.

Final Thoughts

If you are a driller, you need to eliminate all the bad habits coming in the way of your performance. The above mentioned are the most common mistakes or bad habits of a driller. Hence, keep your efforts minimal and still achieve the same performance for concrete cutting or other tasks by avoiding these habits.