No doubt, good HOA managers can make a significant difference when it comes to the functions of an association. They are considered to be the first contact of homeowners, and can handle all the communications. Therefore, it’s important for the HOA manager to demonstrate the high qualities that are required for their leadership position.

Besides good interpersonal skills, they also need to have the experience needed to perform the tasks that you expect from them. This article discusses the key things to look out for before you hire a HOA manager.

Understanding the qualities of a great HOA manager

There are many things that you can expect from a HOA manager. You can see some of their good qualities in the first meeting, but others can come after they have worked a couple of months.

And, when assessing a potential HOA manager, it’s a good idea to consider the specific terms that they are offering. Remember that you can find some HOA managers that do onsite work. This means the manager can be on the board of only one community, and can have less or full-time work with your association.

With this type of HOA management in fort mill SC, they tend to have broader responsibilities, larger budgets, and many more.

On the other hand, you can also find some HOA managers that serve several communities. These managers can be an employee of a specific HOA management company. Ideally, this type of work can allow them to handle multiple communities.

Therefore, HOA management that handles several communities tend to have fewer responsibilities when it comes to running an association. The good thing is that they usually have a lot of experience working with different boards. To find a reputable HOA manager, you should look out for the following qualities:


Good understanding of their responsibilities

Any great HOA manager needs to understand their responsibilities, and they should be reliable when doing their work. It’s worth noting that most good HOA managers have unique approaches to their responsibilities.

Simply put, many HOA managers are usually proactive, meaning they don’t just depend on their to-do lists. Therefore, they can assess the specific situation in your community to identify to be handled in priority order.

Understanding of the goals and objectives of the board

An HOA manager also must have a good understanding of the goals that the board desires to achieve in the community. Remember that it requires a great HOA manager to understand the unique situation of a community as well as its board that caused the current condition and what it can take to get the community to another level.

The HOA manager and board also need to agree on what has to be done to the community. Therefore, they need to use this and get solid plans to ensure that the HOA manager can implement them. While implementing these plans, an HOA manager also needs to regularly consult the board of directors.