Part of the thrill of motorcycle riding is the inherent danger, undoubtedly. For most bike owners, the sensation of freedom on the open road is hard to resist. The only speedbump for riders, is the knowledge that every time you are on the road, your life is potentially in danger. Even responsible, experienced riders can be victims of tragic accidents.

The best way to stay safe while riding your motorcycle, is to ride confidently for your skill level, follow the laws and speed limits, and make sure you are visible to all drivers on the road. To better understand the cause of motorcycle accidents, it’s important to take a closer look at the major causes behind deadly collisions.

In this article, we will take a brief look at the major causes of motorcycle accidents and some prevention guidelines. These tips should be helpful to newer riders who are still learning. The best defense on the road is knowledge; without it, you may end up needing the help of a motorcycle accident lawyer. Let’s take a closer look at ways to stay educated and safe on the road.

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Common Accident Causes

Motorcycle accidents happen for many different reasons, but studies show there are a few distinct causes that should be more closely examined.

Visibility: If you are not making yourself visible when you ride, you are putting your life and others at risk. The most common reason given at multiple vehicle crashes is that they simply couldn’t see the motorcycle rider. Motorcycles are much easier to lose sight of by other drivers. Unsafe riders consistently drive in the wrong lane placement, don’t use their lights, and have no reflective gear to help make them more visible to nearby traffic.

Impaired Driving: Unfortunately, impaired driving remains a large cause of motorcycle collisions and fatalities. Never ride drunk.

Speeding: While a straight stretch of open road can be hard to resist for many riders, it should be noted that speeding is the number one cause of motorcycle accidents. For those that have a need for speed, it’s best to keep your racing to the drag strip.

Road Conditions: The road conditions can change at any time during the seasons. Some riders can’t stand the anticipation of riding season and head out a bit too early and end up dealing with treacherous conditions.


The risk of riding a motorcycle is inherent, but there are many effective ways to protect yourself from injury that go beyond education and experience. The age of technology has inspired the creation of more effective riding protective gear. Many riders now consider their safety gear to be an essential part of a good ride. Essential gear for the serious and safe rider include:

  • Reinforced riding boots
  • Teflon reinforced gloves
  • Kevlar and ballistic nylon jackets and suits
  • Impact protection helmets

Along with the latest safety gear that can effectively protect riders, technology has created a virtual safety around drivers and riders on the road. With the addition of safety features on traditional vehicles like back up cameras, perimeter sensors, and proximity alerts, riders are much more likely to be visible to other drivers on the road.

Together, education and prevention can help prevent accidents that will keep riders off the free and open road.