Being involved in a car accident is a downright awful experience. From the moment of impact, your life may be altered for years or even permanently. The severity of your wreck will determine your immediate path forward. This may involve a trip to the hospital following your wreck, where your injuries will need to be ascertained and treated. After this, who knows? There could be a long path to rehabilitation ahead of you, or your life may even be altered forever. One thing that is for certain is that car accident lawyer fees are far from your mind during this time.

But for all the harrowing details you will have to cope with in the immediate aftermath of a car accident, one thing that is incumbent upon you is to make sure you protect your legal rights.

Read on to learn all about a car accident case, and how attorneys fees work when you’ve been in a car accident.

Calculating Car Accident Lawyer Fees

Once you’ve been in a car accident, it is absolutely integral that you seek medical attention right away.

The importance of this task is two-fold: For starters, from a humanistic standpoint, it is important to get your ailments treated. Even if you don’t necessarily feel hurt following the accident, you should go get checked out anyway, because many effects from an accident are not felt until after the fact, such as whiplash for instance.

Secondly, the benefits of seeking medical attention right away run deeper than the surface. By immediately getting your wounds treated and starting documentation right away, you are effectively creating a paper trail in the event you have to litigate your case.

The next most important thing to do is to find a reliable and seasoned personal injury attorney who is practiced in car accident cases. Find a car accident attorney near me today.

Once you’ve found yourself an attorney, you likely will start to wonder how they’re going to get paid. After all, if they took your case, chances are they haven’t charged you anything. Chances are too, then, that they won’t charge you unless they deliver you a settlement.

While all of this is true of most personal injury lawyers, and it is a rather easy process, it still raises the question of how car accident lawyers calculate their fees.

Here’s how it generally works.

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It All Begins With You

Car accident cases are like snowflakes, no two ever completely identical, though the basic facts are often similar. These similarities are essentially what allows attorneys to make deductions about the strength of your case relative to the risk of losing completely in a courtroom.

This is also what enables them to be confident enough to take on your case with no guarantee of payment.

Essentially, when an attorney agrees to take on your case, it is because they believe in the basic merits of your case. They believe the facts of your accident and the injuries you sustained are severe enough to warrant either a substantial settlement or a high jury verdict award.

The agreement that most attorneys make in the event of a car accident case is something known as contingency fees.

Contingency Fees

Contingency fees is just a fancy way of saying you don’t have to pay unless your case receives a settlement or jury award.

This fee structure is commonly utilized by attorneys. They take on your case and all the costs associated with it, so you do not have to handle court fees, deposition costs, or any of the other various expenses involved in a legal case.

So, the big question…how much is the fee they charge?


It depends.

Lawyers are relatively uniform when it comes to what they charge. As mentioned before, it is usually a percentage of the overall settlement or award gained, minus any costs and expenses they had to incur for your case.

That percentage you can typically anticipate to be somewhere between 30% and 50%, usually depending on how complex your case is and how far the litigation needs to proceed.

Fortunately, a vast majority of cases are settled prior to trial, thus reducing the higher percentage costs in a lot of cases.

With all of this information in mind, you have a lot of new information on how an attorney fee works.

But the main question that’s been glaring since the beginning still remains: How much will the attorney fee be?

Your Specific Case Dictates Your Attorneys Fee

The exact dollar amount that your lawyer will take from you for their fee is ultimately incalculable. As stated before, each car accident case is unique in such a way that it is impossible to say with any certainty how much you will end up paying in attorney fees.

But, with that in mind, it is possible to make calculations aimed at figuring out your fee.

Car Accident insurance

How do you do this?

Well, take a look at your car accident. These factors affect how much your settlement will be in the end:

• How bad was the accident?

• How severe were your injuries?

• Did you miss any work or lose wages?

• Will you miss future work or wages?

• Was there any mental distress involved?

• Have you suffered any loss of consortium with your spouse?

• Do you have any permanent damage?

All of these questions, if answered yes, add up to compensable injuries that you can claim in your suit, thus raising your settlement amount in the end.

Based on your settlement amount, you then calculate your attorney fees based on the percentage agreed upon when they took your case.

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While calculating car accident lawyer fees is not an exact science, you can get relatively close if you can determine the value of your case overall.

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